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From Joseph Hindsley <jhinds...@providerlink.com>
Subject Maven XMLBeans Plugin
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2003 13:51:50 GMT
I've written a maven plugin for XMLBeans that I'd like to submit to the
XMLBeans project, but am not sure who to contact.

This plugin wraps the xmlbean ant task and depends on the V1 xbean.jar
(which developers would have to build by hand an put into a local
repository until an official XMLBeans repository entry is created). I
only exposed a subset of the ant task's properties thinking that
developers would mainly use the plugin as a pregoal to java:compile.

I've set up the default properties to look for XML Schema files (*.xsd)
in the project's src/xmlbeans directory, generate java source into the
target/xmlbeans/src directory, generate class and resource files into
the the target/classes directory, and put the resulting jar (default
name is project name) in the target/xmlbeans directory.

Please email me if you know who I need to send the plugin to so that it
becomes part of the official release.

Joseph Hindsley
Systems Architect
Providerlink, Inc.

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