The regular expression package in the JDK was not used, I believe, on purpose.  I can't recall exactly why, at the moment, but David Bau should be able to elaborate.... 
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Is this to say that the JDK 1.4 java.util.regex classes (Matcher and Pattern) are not used?  I assume it is because the BEA software was created before the JDK 1.4 was released.  However, are there any advantages (besides standardization and minimizing additional library integration) to moving to the JDK 1.4 regEx libraries?  I have used them and found them fairly robust but have not done any kind of comparative (e.g., performance) analysis.

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The regular expression code was taken from xerces.  I noticed that the current version of in xerces has changed, and the javadoc, in particular, has been updated to deal with the comments you mention in your patch.  Xerces seems to deal with this problem by adding spaces instead of putting in an extra back slash (diff follows).  I will check in the new version the exists in xerces. 

- Eric

diff -r1.1
<  *          <kbd>\u005cu</kbd><var>c</var>, <kbd>\L</kbd>, <kbd>\U</kbd>,
>  *          <kbd>\u005c u</kbd><var>c</var>, <kbd>\L</kbd>, <kbd>\U</kbd>,
<  *       <dt class="REGEX"><kbd>\u005cu</kbd><var>HHHH</var>
>  *       <dt class="REGEX"><kbd>\u005c u</kbd><var>HHHH</var>
<  *         <li class="REGEX">A character (including <Kbd>\e \f \n \r \t</kbd> <kbd>\u005cx</kbd><var>HH</var> <kbd>\u005cx{</kbd><var>HHHH</var><kbd>}</kbd> <
!--kbd>\u005cu</kbd><var>HHHH</var--> <kbd>\u005cv</kbd><var>HHHHHH</var>)
>  *         <li class="REGEX">A character (including <Kbd>\e \f \n \r \t</kbd> <kbd>\u005cx</kbd><var>HH</var> <kbd>\u005cx{</kbd><var>HHHH</var><kbd>}</kbd> <
!--kbd>\u005c u</kbd><var>HHHH</var--> <kbd>\u005cv</kbd><var>HHHHHH</var>)
<  * <!--               | '\u005cu' hex-char hex-char hex-char hex-char
>  * <!--               | '\u005c u' hex-char hex-char hex-char hex-char
>  * @version $Id:,v 1.7 2003/07/15 12:28:25 neeraj Exp $

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Subject: Patch for Unicode-Build-Bug


here is a small fix regarding the unicode build bug as mentioned
previously by 
Roland Schemers.



Sascha Kulawik

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