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From "Cliff Schmidt" <cl...@bea.com>
Subject RE: Getting the distribution onto a download site somewhere ...
Date Tue, 23 Sep 2003 07:28:40 GMT
On Monday, September 22, 2003 8:33 PM, David Remy wrote:

>> I don't think we need to push back.  We just need to describe the
>> technical qualifications of the code separately from the
>> organizational qualifications of the code.  The version numbers and
>> other documentation can reflect the richness and stability of the
>> code.  The "incubated" prefix/suffix/whatever can indicate that the
>> project code is not yet fully endorsed by the ASF.  I also think a
>> blurb in the README file and on the Web site can elaborate on this
>> distinction. 
>> Cliff
> By doing this are we creating another process within incubation, the
> 'incubation release'?  The reason I mention it is that the proposed
> XMLBeans incubation exit criteria explicitly discusses releases
> (http://nagoya.apache.org/eyebrowse/ReadMsg?listName=general@incubator.apache.org&msgId=1055888).
> Here is the verbiage right now: Release plans are developed and
> excuted in public by the community. (requriment on minimum number of
> such releases?).  It just seems kind of wierd.  XMLBeans is required
> to have a release but, per the discussion thread with this subject in
> the general incubator XMLBeans cannot have a release.  

I didn't interpret the discussion that way.  I felt like all concerns
boiled down to: don't make an incubated project release sound like a
fully ASF-endorsed release, since the project hasn't been around long
enough to be proven to work as an ASF project.  I know there was talk
of builds, releases, and Releases (with the big R), but I think that
only led to the right answer...which is "do not use the ASF's name in 
vain".  While we are in the incubator, we should be especially 
sensitive to this aspect.  Other than that, I think we can release big 
and small as often as makes sense.

> Ted and Cliff
> have proposed a sort of pseudo-release to get us past this issue.
> (+1)  My only question here is this criteria, the 'incubation
> release', going to be applied to all incubation projects equally?  I
> assume that it will be a common exit criteria to have a release or
> two, to show a productive, working community, so this will be a
> pretty important precedent for incubation, won't it?              

I agree that we live in an interesting time in Incubator history. ;-)
I too would like to think that the actions we take will be the concrete
form of the policies that are evolving, and this project may therefore
set a precedent for others.  Personally, I think the idea of not 
limiting a release plan, but making a distinction as to the incubator
status is a fine precedent to set...but you're right; if you think 
this isn't the right precedent for the rest of the ASF, we should 
discuss it more now.


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