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From "David Remy" <dr...@bea.com>
Subject RE: XMLBeans website
Date Wed, 24 Sep 2003 00:49:44 GMT
Thanks Jeff.  Your post was very helpful.
> Yes, most projects have the 'source' for their documentation 
> (XML) in the
> source tree, and then the actual rendered HTML/PDF 
> documentation in the
> separate 'xml-site' CVS module.
I assume most projects have some documentation, like javadoc and/or user doc, in html format
somewhere in their source tree like XMLBeans does.  I have created a separate top level directory
(not committed yet) for the XMLBeans website.  Is it possible to have forrest copy/read the
.html files from their home directory in the main source tree and copy them into a specific
location in the src/../xdocs tree changing their name from .html to .ehtml and then cleaning
up after?  My main objective is to not have to copy the source documentation from one source
(currently in the XMLBeans mainline) to the website source directory.  I am imagining some
sort of property in the forrest-properties file that allowed you to set a directory (e.g.,
xmlbeansv1-src/docs), a file mask (*.html), a target directory (website/src/documentation/content/xdocs/documentation),
and a change-to file mask (*.ehtml).  Or something like that.  Any like that exist as an option
in forrest?  If not, perhaps there is some other way to accomplish the objective?

I am also posting to forrest-dev mailing list (there doesn't seem to be a forrest user mailing


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