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From "David Remy" <dr...@bea.com>
Subject RE: XmlBeans source code has been checked in ...
Date Tue, 16 Sep 2003 14:36:13 GMT
I can't find LICENSE.txt either did we miss that in the source code drop? we used to have one

Good point Steven.  Gotta focus communication thru the lists.  I can apply the patch when
I update the site. 

Here is a newbie etiquitte question.  When a patch is submitted like this (although this is
tiny, but in general) is it common for the committer to email a "done" message on the dev
list or is the cvs commit message enough?  It probably varies but just curious if there is
a common approach ...


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From: Steven Noels [mailto:stevenn@outerthought.org]
Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2003 1:30 AM
To: xmlbeans-dev@xml.apache.org
Subject: Re: XmlBeans source code has been checked in ...

Eric Vasilik wrote:

> The source code for XmlBeans v1 has been checked in to xml-xmlbeans at cvs.apache.org.

Looking good.

One suggestion and a patch:

- I can't easily locate a LICENSE.txt in the module, so that would be a 
worthy addition.
- Patch attached: please try actively to steer communication to the 
lists. Off-list mails are community killers.

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