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From Berin Lautenbach <be...@ozemail.com.au>
Subject Re: XMLBeans website
Date Sat, 27 Sep 2003 23:20:25 GMT
David Remy wrote:
>>Somethings strange has happened, because the CVS directory is 
>>not there. 
> i was able to checkout onto my machine and execute the command on www.apache.org that
you so kindly provided below.  i seem to be able to see the directory in cvs.  it is supposed
to in cvs.apache.org xml-site/targets/xmlbeans correct?

Apologies - I was exceedingly unclear.  I meant there was no CVS 
directory in /www/xml.apache.org/xmlbeans, so a cvs up was not going to 
work.  However that is all fixed now....

>>In the /www/xml.apache.org directory (after moving the old "xmlbeans" 
>>directory and doing a cvs login if necessary :>), it will create the 
>>xmlbeans directory and correctly setup the CVS dirs.
> done (i hope)

Cool.  Just checked, and I can now do a cvs update on the site.

So have added into the script, which will update your site from the 
xml-site cvs every 6 hours.

BTW - If you want to run the script by hand (don't want to wait all that 
time to see an update on the site) -


It will update the base xml.apache.org + a few of the actual 
sub-projects (including xmlbeans).  I use it myself as it does the right 
thing with umasks, which is an easy thing to forget when doing things by 

If you want to see the output for the last (cron based) run, see the file



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