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From Ted Leung <twle...@sauria.com>
Subject Re: Getting the distribution onto a download site somewhere ...
Date Mon, 22 Sep 2003 22:19:11 GMT

On 9/22/2003 1:02 PM, Steven Noels wrote:

> Ted Leung wrote:
>> Dave,
>> The majority opinion on general@incubator is that XMLBeans cannot 
>> make an "official" release until it exits incubation.  So we need to 
>> come up with a creative release name that indicates the stability of 
>> XMLBeans without claim to be a full ASF project/release.  At the 
>> moment I can't think of anything less ugly than
> Ted, is this opinion or policy? I don't want to affect this list with 
> the turmoil of the policy discussions over at general@incubator, but I 
> wonder why a healthy project cannot continue releasing stuff using its 
> normal pre-incubation release schedule after it went into ASF 
> incubation. Looking at Tapestry (and Lenya), there wasn't such a 
> strict requirement w.r.t. release naming, and they continued releasing 
> stuff as they were used to.
> IMHO, requiring to prepend a new XMLBeans release with 
> under-incubating-foo.tgz would somehow imply that the quality of the 
> XMLBeans dist has decreased in quality or robustness.
That was my concern, but the folks in the incubator are being difficult 
on this.  I think we should work to minimize disputes and work to try to 
get us out of incubation ASAP.  

What do others think?  Do you want me to go push back some more?


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