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From Berin Lautenbach <be...@ozemail.com.au>
Subject Re: Setting up bugzilla, list archiving, etc
Date Sun, 14 Sep 2003 01:26:22 GMT
David Bau wrote:
> Can somebody grant me (david.bau@bea.com) appropriate access so that I can
> set up components (and whatever else is needed for our bugzilla area?)  I'm
> new to bugzilla so if I'm missing something simple please let me know.

Pier looks after nagoya, and helped me out on this some time back for 
another project.  pier@apache.org.  Am not sure, but 
infrastructure@apache.org may also be able to help.  Infrastructure is 
generally the best place to go for all of this adminstrative style queries.

> 2. Mailing lists and archives.     Let's start making sure we use
> xmlbeans-user@ for user questions and use xmlbeans-dev@ for development
> discussion, and moderating the lists appropriately.  We probably need to set
> up a couple moderators - I'm willing to help moderate a bit, if somebody can
> help me get set up to do so.

Not too sure what you want to do for moderation, but infrastructure@ 
can make things happen.  (E.g. to allow moderation of mail from non list 
subscribers etc.)  Just tell them what you need!

> Also, I'd like to have our lists archived at http://mail-archive.com/; I
> find their service pretty snappy. I think I've just set that up through
> ezmlm; we'll see if this message gets archived.

Just to double check :>.  You have seen the Eyebrowse archiving that is 
already occuring?




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