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From "David Bau" <david....@bea.com>
Subject Future XMLBeans feature work?
Date Thu, 18 Sep 2003 19:18:19 GMT
OK, so the v1 code is up, and we're going to be bugfixing it for a while.
Thanks for the couple patches so far; I hope folks have having some success
trying out and getting around the code.  I'm going to try to write up
something about internal architecture to help this along.  Remy is trying to
get the website up.

Bugfixing is obvious (I still don't have bugzilla set up yet though...), but
what about major new things? Seems to me there are a fairly large number of
interesting things to work on, and that we should start an XMLBeans v2
feature list.

I'm going to try to begin to organize some feature requests and ideas that
have been knocking around in the wiki.


Somebody already discovered this page and already added a request about
reducing code size - thanks! (neat, who was it?)  I think that's right, and
I've expanded that suggestion to have more details.

It's just a beginning of a list here and isn't nearly complete or final, but
I'd appreciate it if folks took a peek an suggested things that are missing,
or if there are areas that they'd like to contribute - I hope folks feel
free to add suggestions directly into the wiki; or discuss them here.

We need to grow these one-liners in this list into specs with specific
contributors etc, pick which ones we're going to do in the short term and
which ones we're not etc.

I'm not sure if like or don't like using the wiki; should I post the text of
it here on this list?


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