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From "David Bau" <david....@bea.com>
Subject Re: [xmlbeans-dev] RE: V2 Store discussion...
Date Mon, 29 Sep 2003 17:17:26 GMT
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From: "Chris Fry" <christopher.fry@bea.com>

> I think you should be careful not to make the same mistakes that the JDK
> made early on with the map implementations.  The early map implementations
> were thread safe and very slow, so no-one used them.  It might be best to
> have two implementations of the store (one that is thread safe & one that
> isn't) so that users can choose safety over performance.  Or performance
> they know the data will only be read in a single thread as may be the case
> in WS-invocations...


Makes sense.  Or if not a 2nd implementation, then some other way to make
the synchronization cost optional.  We'd probably want to be fast by
default.  I agree that most usage is single-threaded.  And if your perf is
bad, people will avoid your whole API, and then thread safety will be a moot


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