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From "David Bau" <david....@bea.com>
Subject About me
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2003 18:03:50 GMT
Hi all,

We've got a new bit of code and a new community here, so
to both start a custom for this list and continue a
tradition for Apache, here's a personal bio about myself.

I was born in 1970 in Rochester NY, where the winters
bring seven-foot snowdrifts and everybody is connected to
Kodak. I spent my childhood in Seattle WA, Exeter NH, and
Boston MA, and I currently live in the suburbs of
Philadelphia where my wife works as a surgeon and my two
kids are just starting school.

My fascination with software started in when I was 9 and
my father brought home an Atari 800, which I used to draw
fractals and make simple little video games.

While studying math at Harvard I held a few different
computer jobs, and after studying numerical algorithms
in graduate school at Cornell with Nick Trefethen I
somehow found my way to Microsoft, where I helped build
Internet Explorer and the .NET platform. I left with a
few other Microsoft folks for Adam Bosworth's startup,
Crossgain.  It was bought by BEA, where I am now,
working on XML technologies.

In my spare time, I started a little open source project
called DQSD, which remains my favorite way of using Google
and all other search engines.  The community around DQSD
taught me first-hand about the power of open source: the
little tool is many many times more powerful now than it
would have ever been if I hadn't opened the project. I
haven't been active in DQSD for the last year or so because
I've been spending so much extra time at work on XML Beans,
but the community remains strong.

I started the XML Beans project based on some ideas of, and
with the support of, Mark Igra, Carl Sjogreen, Rod Chavez,
Adam Bosworth, and others, in response to the realization,
after shipping a package of web services software, that the
Java world could benefit from a really complete solution
for working with XML Schema-typed data.  Bringing XMLBeans
to Apache is being spearheaded by folks you have already
seen around here, including Cliff, Remy, Eric, and others.
Working in Apache is new ground for our company, and for
us individually, and I appreciate the enormous amounts of
help and encouragement we're getting from Apache veterans
like Ted Leung and Steven Noels.

I've contributed to large projects and open-source projects,
but never a large open-source project. I'm excited to see
what we can do here.  There's a lot to do and build, and
some real potential for a very interesting and useful

Hello all, thanks for your help, and welcome to xmlbeans.


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