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From Ted Leung <twle...@sauria.com>
Subject Re: willingness to fork off XMLBeans
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2003 18:27:12 GMT
On 8/12/2003 11:04 AM, Steve Maring wrote:

> I just sat through a vendor Spiel by BEA extorting the virtues of 
> WebLogic 8.1, WLI, and WorkShop.  I was a bit concerned with regard to 
> how integrated XMLBeans appeared to be with WorkShop and the process 
> of creating web services that marshal with it.  I asked the SE if you 
> could plug in a marshalling framework into the WebLogic impl of 
> JAX-RPC besides XMLBeans.  He said no.  I'm not totally sure I believe 
> him since the JAX-RPC spec suggests that impls ought to allow for the 
> configuration of custom serializers.
> But regardless, it would appear that the current design of XMLBeans is 
> such that it can be integrated with WorkShop, whereas other 
> marshalling frameworks cannot.  What is the willingness among the core 
> BEA developers on the Apache version of XMLBeans to allow for possible 
> design changes that may break the integration of XMLBeans with 
> WorkShop?  Will we then see a BEA inhouse version of XMLBeans and a 
> forked OpenSource version?
> I know this will probably start a flame here, but I can't help but 
> wonder if this "OpenSource" effort is nothing more than a publicity 
> stunt on the part of BEA and Apache was the unsuspecting accomplice.  
> I just don't understand why BEA would hand off control of something so 
> tightly integrated with their ongoing vendor strategy.

 You haven't been paying attention to the whole process, then.  XMLBeans 
is being incubated -- It has not been fully accepted as an ASF project.  
One of the criteria for successful incubation is that no organization 
contribute more than 50% of the active committters on a project.   
Steven and I are here to make sure that this happens, and that it is not 
"a puppet BEA community".   If there are valid reasons to make breaking 
changes, then I expect them to be made.   If you haven't looked at the 
Wiki pages for XMLBeans, I suggest that you have a look -- they might 
give you an  idea of where things are going:  

The ability to have legitimate, possibly breaking, changes introduced is 
a sign of a healthy development community.  If such a community can not 
develop, then the incubation will fail.

Having said that, I think that the folks from BEA want to make this 
work.    If you are concerned about the openness of the project, then 
propose legitimate breaking changes, and we'll all go from there.

> If this IS truly legit, then shouldn't the name be changed?

It is not a rule that projects have to change their name when they come 
to the ASF.


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