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From <mail...@pfeuffer-net.de>
Subject RE: xpath query against a collection-hierarchy
Date Thu, 22 Jul 2004 08:55:15 GMT
Hello Laxma,

thank you for your answer.

We want to store XML eLearning-Content with Xindice. The collections are
organized as our project structure. Within a project-collection, the are
multiple collections in which we store the content of certain paragraphs of
our project. Here's an example:

/db/project1: eCommerce
/db/project2: SCM

Now we want to query XML-Documents within the whole database, which match
certain patterns, e.g. author=Sven.

If xindice can't do the job, I'll write a method, which does the query
recursively for the whole collection-structure.

Best regards,

Sven Pfeuffer.

Sven Pfeuffer     ***     mailbox@pfeuffer-net.de

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  From: Laxma Reddy Dendi [mailto:xindice_den@yahoo.com]
  Sent: Thursday, July 22, 2004 10:21 AM
  To: xindice-users@xml.apache.org
  Subject: Re: xpath query against a collection-hierarchy

  Hi Sven:
  this kind of function/query (against multiple collections) does not make
sense to me.

  is querying sub collections ok??

  why you want to do such query..? can you explain your collections details.

  Laxma Dendi

  Laxma Reddy Dendi <xindice_den@yahoo.com> wrote:
    Hi Sven:
        I think this function is not supported by xindice.

        take a look at

        I dont know about other xnd's like exist.


    laxma dendi

    mailbox@pfeuffer-net.de wrote:

      is it possible to run a xpath query against a collection and it's



      How can I query all collection (1-4) at the same time.

      By using
      xindice xpath -c /db/collection_1 -q "XPATH-STRING"
      I only get results from collection_1, not from collection_2 or

      Thanx a lot for your help!

      Sven Pfeuffer

      Sven Pfeuffer *** mailbox@pfeuffer-net.de

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