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From Terry Rosenbaum <Te...@amicas.com>
Subject Re: Xpath query in xindice 1.1b1
Date Mon, 10 Nov 2003 17:15:57 GMT
Nothing broken. Ensure that you use the correct
version of Xalan depending on the version of
Xindice you're using. Use late-model versions
of Xalan with late-model versions of Xindice
and you'll see it work OK.

The Xalan API changed and the Xindice code
was changed to match that change.

I use the latest CVS code for Xindice and
use Xalan 2.5.D1 and it works for me.


Julien Le Dem wrote:

>So this is a bug in 1.1B1 (I mean, there's no way to have this working in
>A question that maybe of no use :
>If the method was returning an array before, why Xalan dev don't leave it
>with a @deprecated info ? I know it's ugly, but it prevents other projects
>(like Xindice) to have bug in it.
>Lazy me that wanted to use a pre-packaged jar ... I will have to build it
>from CVS... :°-(
>Is there any stability issue in CVS version that wasn't in the 1.1b1
>"Milestone Release"?
>I'm using very basic (but great ! don't be alarmed devs! ;-)
>functionnalities like adding/replacing documents in collections and
>performing XPath requests.
>Thanks, Julien
>----- Original Message ----- 
>From: "JC Tchitchiama" <jct@panonet.net>
>To: <xindice-users@xml.apache.org>; "Julien Le Dem"
>Sent: Monday, November 10, 2003 3:44 PM
>Subject: Re: Xpath query in xindice 1.1b1
>Hi Julien,
>When I came accross the problem I just decided to use the CVS version
>which has something lile
>code snippet
>      private Object evalFunction(String owner, int pos) throws Exception {
>         int idx = Compiler.getFirstChildPos(pos);
>         int id = cmp.getOp(idx);
>         int endFunc = cmp.getOp(pos +1) - 1;
>         List args = new ArrayList();
>         int lp = idx+1;
>         while ( lp < endFunc ) {
>            args.add(evaluate(owner, lp));
>            lp = cmp.getNextOpPos(lp);
>         }
>Indeed the XPath Compiler interface has changes
>On Monday 10 Nov 2003 1:34 pm, Julien Le Dem wrote:
>>When sending an xpath request using a function (like count(...) ) I have
>>package org.apache.xindice.core.query
>>class XPathQueryResolver
>><snip line="539">
>>      private Object evalFunction(String owner, int pos) throws Exception
>>         int idx = cmp.getFirstChildPos(pos);
>>         int id = cmp.getOp(idx);
>>         int endFunc = pos + cmp.getOpMap()[pos+1] - 1;
>>the last line throws a NoSuchMethodError.
>>after looking the Xalan javadoc getOpMap() doesn't return an array.
>>I looked into CVS the current version and the code has changed (a bug fix
>>?) so it shouldn't throw an exception anymore (but I haven't tested it) I
>>use xindice in embeded mode.
>>What should I do ?
>>1) Do I use the wrong Xalan version ? Xindice 1.1b1 should use an older
>>version and I have to use endorse something ?
>>2) Do I have to update my Xindice library to the actual CVS ?
>>thanks Julien

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