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From Jonathan Melhuish <j.melhu...@signal.qinetiq.com>
Subject Problem with XPathQueryService
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2003 11:14:47 GMT
I'm trying to do something essentially fairly straightforward but I 
can't for the life of me see why it's not working :-(  All I want to do 
is retreive certain nodes from within my XML database, eg. the "title" 

As far as I understand, using the Xpath query "//title" should select 
all of the title nodes, irrespective of their position in the document 
tree - and indeed it does, when I use the Xindice command-line 
interface, it gives me exactly what I want.  But when I use the 
XPathQueryService from within a Java program it doesn't, it returns 
everything, including the parent node and all of it's children!

That's obvious, I hear you cry, "you've cocked up the Java code"!  But 
the same code, when fed, for instance "/", returns everything.  Or when 
fed a blank query, it returns nothing.  Which seems sensible.

What gives?


PS:  Just a nudge in the right direction would be helpful. I've also 
attatched the relevant code sections just in case you still suspect them ;-)

Jonathan Melhuish, E101
Distributed Technology Group
Advanced Processing Centre
QinetiQ Malvern

email: j.melhuish@signal.qinetiq.com
Tel: 01684 894121

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