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From Don Stocks <amillionhitpoi...@yahoo.com>
Subject Perfomance Inserting and Removing Documents
Date Thu, 20 Nov 2003 08:20:58 GMT
I'm curious to know what type of performance I can expect from Xindice when inserting and deleting
documents.  I am planning an application that will be managing a lot of very small documents;
perhaps several thousand a minute.  So I did some tests.  I'm using PHP to communincate with
Xindice running on the localhost via XML-RPC.  Here's what I found.
Inserting 500 476 byte documents:    47 seconds
Deleting 500 476 byte documents:     31 seconds
Unfortunately this is far too slow.  I am running this test on my old junker 333Mhz laptop
w/ 128MB RAM.  But inserting 500 rows with the same data into PostgreSQL on the same system
only takes a couple of seconds.
I'm just looking for hits or tips to improve performance.  I also want to validate Xindice
as an appropriate choice for my data store.  The native XML storage is really what I need.
Thanks, Don

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