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From "Julien Le Dem" <julien.le...@thet-is.com>
Subject Xpath query in xindice 1.1b1
Date Mon, 10 Nov 2003 13:34:50 GMT
When sending an xpath request using a function (like count(...) ) I have an
package org.apache.xindice.core.query
class XPathQueryResolver
<snip line="539">
      private Object evalFunction(String owner, int pos) throws Exception {
         int idx = cmp.getFirstChildPos(pos);
         int id = cmp.getOp(idx);
         int endFunc = pos + cmp.getOpMap()[pos+1] - 1;
the last line throws a NoSuchMethodError.
after looking the Xalan javadoc getOpMap() doesn't return an array.
I looked into CVS the current version and the code has changed (a bug fix ?)
so it shouldn't throw an exception anymore (but I haven't tested it)
I use xindice in embeded mode.
What should I do ?
1) Do I use the wrong Xalan version ? Xindice 1.1b1 should use an older
version and I have to use endorse something ?
2) Do I have to update my Xindice library to the actual CVS ?
thanks Julien
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