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From "tycho brahe" <t_br...@hotmail.com>
Subject German umlaut characters
Date Fri, 17 Oct 2003 21:19:55 GMT

I've seen a few postings on this subject, but I'd really like to know
why the lowercase umlaut  work fine,  if you
do the ...

byte[] bytes = utfStringFromXindice.getBytes("iso-8859-1");
String latin-1 = new String (bytes, "UTF-8"); ...

conversion while the uppercase umlaut letters  both turn into one and the 
?  sequence.

,but most of I'd like to know if there is a practical way out of this fix.
I'm using xinidce 1.1b1 and xml-rpc 1.1

greetings, Tycho

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