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From Kimbro Staken <ksta...@dbxmlgroup.com>
Subject Re: Backup db
Date Fri, 21 Dec 2001 00:37:40 GMT
I'd think a per collection write lock and copy on each collection would 
work, but it could be tough to acquire the locks on a busy system. Also if 
a collection is large an exclusive write lock on the entire collection 
could really tie it up for a long time. For a fairly simple solution it 
could work until a more granular solution could be created.

It's actually already possible to export the entire database to XML files 
and then import to restore. That will be really slow if there are a large 
number of documents, but it would work today to get a backup without 
shutting down the server.

On Thursday, December 20, 2001, at 04:22 PM, Murray Altheim wrote:

> Kimbro Staken wrote:
>> You can copy the directory, but it isn't really safe to do so. Shutting
>> down the server insures that the data is completely consistent. A hot
>> backup facility would be a great feature if someone wants to tackle
>> working on it.
> What would your suggestion be as to the best approach? Would serializing
> the objects to disk (as Java serializations or as XML serializations?),
> performing some type of freeze-access-and-copy of the file system, or
> something else?
> Murray
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