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From Terry Rosenbaum <Te...@amicas.com>
Subject [PATCH] 4 Patches Added to bugzilla
Date Sat, 04 Oct 2003 05:48:07 GMT
4 new items added in bugzilla:

23595 - [PATCH] Unit Test Enhancements
            Indexed search tests (tests that searches use available 
            Tests for the following 3 bugs.
23956 - [PATCH] XPathQueryRseolver doesn't evaluate functions
            Due to a bug XPath functions were never being evaluated. Fixes
            that as well as bugs in the never-executed code and a few
            performance enhancements.
23957 - [PATCH] Namespace defs imported recursively in query results
            Reported previously as resolved bug 13746 - src namespace
            declaration added recursively to Documents. Actually a more
            general problem. All namespace definitions were being
            recursively imported to the deepest levels of XPath query
23958 - [PATCH] Name indexes with wildcard patterns can cause NPE
           A bug elucidated by the indexed search tests.


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