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From Michael Ludwig <...@as-guides.com>
Subject Re: XSL Transformation in Xalan - Pls help!
Date Tue, 16 Sep 2008 07:48:08 GMT
Sriram83 schrieb:
> 1/. We have the XSL transformation taking place inside an application
> deployed in JBOSS app server. There are no restart of JVM.
> Initialisation of memory takes only during jboss startup.

I don't know much about JBoss, but it's a pretty huge application. You
may be testing JBoss instead of Xalan. In order to test Xalan, I'd
rather use a leaner frame, maybe just the simplest of programs which
does what you describe below using loops and timestamps.

> 2/. As mentioned by Tatu, I believe we do allow time for JVM to
> warmup. We run around 200 XSL transformations first, after this, we
> collect the average time taken for around 1000 transactions.

Sounds very reasonable to me.


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