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From Andrei Purdea <purdeaand...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: xalan java extentions - nodesets passed incorrectly as parameters?
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2007 11:16:30 GMT
by the way, here is my classpath:
the "cp" folder contains my wrapper classes
Regards, Andrew
--- Andrei Purdea <purdeaandrei@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hello!
>   I have been trying to get the xslt extentions to
> work on xalan 2.6.0. 
>   I understand that this version is linked against
> an
> old version of the Bean Scripting Framework, one
> that
> was maintained by IBM, and the package name was
> com.ibm.....
>   Now this package is maintained by apache , and the
> package name is org.apache.....
>   I tryed the newest package, and an old one too,
> that
> still had the com.ibm namespace. When i tryed the
> new
> one, i wrote some wrapper classes for it, so that
> xalan can recognize it.(just like it is detailed
> here:
> )
>   Now this is what happened: i could write scripts
> in
> javascript, or beanshell, or python. Everything
> worked
> alright, EXCEPT for passing nodesets as parameters!
> The documentation says , that when i pass a nodeset,
> my function should get a NodeIterator, but I get a
> NodeVector object. That wouldn't be a problem if I
> could use it, but it seems to pass an empty
> nodevector, because wathever expressions i give as
> parameter, the size() method of the parameter always
> returns 0 :-(
>   Please note that everything is the newest version,
> except for Xalan, which is 2.6.0.
>   Do you think this is a bug, or am I doing
> something
> wrong? If this is a bug, then is there a fix, that
> can
> be applyed without modifying the xalan jar?
>   I would appreciate your help...
> Regards,
> Andrew
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