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From Klaus Malorny <Klaus.Malo...@knipp.de>
Subject Re: Xalan3 XSLT 2.0 XPath 2.0 support?
Date Sun, 29 Jul 2007 09:33:56 GMT
Henry Zongaro wrote:

> Feel free to respond either on the mailing list or to me directly, in 
> private.  I'll summarize the results of this informal polling in a week 
> or so.

Although I haven't used XSLT 2.0/XPath 2.0 yet, I would greatly like to see 
Xalan supporting this. I have done numerous projects using XSLT and hit several 
times the limitations of 1.0 -- be it due to the very limited string 
functionality or to the inability to reprocess result tree fragments. This often 
resulted in highly inefficient, recursive and tricky code or even in splitting 
of the processing into multiple steps. Looking into the 2.0 specs, it seems that 
I could solve a lot of my previous problems in a quite comfortable way. Also, I 
think that Sun has to move to 2.0 for the JDK at some point in time, and it 
would be quite sad if they had to choose a different implementation.



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