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From "alapati.sasi" <alapati.s...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: jdk1.5 and Xalan.jar differences?
Date Mon, 30 Apr 2007 16:48:14 GMT

Hi ,

I am talking about Sun JDK .

I have xsl Eg:- 

This works fine with Xalan .If i test the same with SUN JDK XSLTC Its able
to transform if i have simple links ,if i have any 
java script extensions or java extensions in the xsl its giving could not
compile stylesheet.

Is this is the same you mean by exslt extensions . Why its ablt to transform
simple links means data from source to target and why its not able to
transform with extensions .

I came to know that by default jdk xsltc will be called when use transform
method then in that if the xsl contains extensions how it will look to
resolve the extensions .

if i am not clear please let me know.

i will tell you my observations clearly.

i have removed xalan.jar from classpath and send a request to transform the
xml with a xsl . If this xsl contains js extensions it failed to transform .
Immediately i placed xalan.jar in classpath and sent the request again . it
worked fine . 
So now i think request went to jdk xsltc and for extensions i think it
called some other class to execute as jdk doesnt contain it it failed.After
i put xalan.jar in classpath it worked fine so the class which is called by
jdk1.5 is in xalan.jar .Right?

If i am wrong please tell me the way how it will transform when i sent a
transform request .Any way i am using xalan 2.2d11 version .

Thanks & Regards,

Erin Harris wrote:
> Hi,
> Which JDK are you referring to?
> IBM's JDK includes XSLT4J which is based on Xalan.  For JDK 1.5 it is 
> based on Xalan Java 2.6.0.  So there should be no issue moving from Xalan 
> to the JDK.
> I believe that SUN's JDK 1.5 contains only XSLTC which does not have all 
> of the features of the Xalan interpretive processor (someone from SUN 
> please correct this if it is wrong).  The main differences are in 
> extension support.  XSLTC does not support the following extensions:
> dynamic EXSLT extensions
> NodeInfo extension functions
> SQL library extension
> pipeDocument extension
> evaluate extension
> tokenize extension
> If you want to continue to use the Xalan interpreter with SUN's JDK you 
> can use the endorsed standards override mechanism: 
> http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4.2/docs/guide/standards/
> Thanks.
> Erin Harris
> "alapati.sasi" <alapati.sasi@gmail.com> 
> 30/04/2007 05:16 AM
> To
> xalan-j-users@xml.apache.org
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> Subject
> jdk1.5 and Xalan.jar differences?
> Hi All,
> If i use jdk1.5 instead of xalan.jar what could be the problems i can
> expect. i heard that to overcome this we need to put some jar's in 
> endorsed
> directory of jdk . CAN any one tell me the resons why there is a problem
> with jdk1.5 builtn xsl transformer.
> Thanks & Regard's
> Sasi.A
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