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From John Gentilin <gent...@eyecatching.com>
Subject Re: URIResolver
Date Fri, 28 May 2004 18:23:51 GMT

You know the URL resolver will only cache the XSL files that are included 
through xsl:include / import. You are still not caching the main Transformer,
at least not in the code shown below. If you are caching the transformer
in the code below, I am not sure that is thread safe. You should be creating
Templates then asking the Templates to produce a Transformer.  There does not
seem to be much overhead for a Template to produce a Transformer.

Also the comment is correct, setting the resolver on the transformer is only
for resolving runtime references such as document(). xsl:include / import
are resolved when the Transformer/Templates is created so the resolver needs to
be set in the factory prior to creating the Transformer/template.

John G

Christopher Ebert wrote:

>     Try setting the URIResolver on your factory before you generate the 
> Transformer.
> Chris
>     -----Original Message-----
>     *From:* Robert van Loenhout [mailto:r.vanloenhout@greenvalley.nl]
>     *Sent:* Thursday, May 27, 2004 08:26
>     *To:* xalan-j-users@xml.apache.org
>     *Subject:* URIResolver
>     Hi!
>     I am using local xsl files to transform xml documents into html.
>     I wanted to cache those xsl files, because they are
>     used often in my application and usually stay the same.
>     The xsl files also use xsl:import.
>     I looked in the API documentation and found the setURIResolver
>     method for
>     TransformerFactory and Transformer classes. So I made my own
>     URIResolver and
>     used them in the setURIResolver.
>       URI xsl = new File(xslFile).toURI();
>       Transformer transformer = tFactory.newTransformer(new
>     StreamSource(xsl.toString()));
>       CachingURIResolver resolver = new CachingURIResolver();
>       tFactory.setURIResolver(resolver);
>       transformer.setURIResolver(resolver);
>       ...
>       transformer.transform(...
>     Unfortunately the resolve method of my CachingURIResolver is never
>     called!
>     The transformation is done normally.
>     I am using Xerces-j_2_6_2 and Xalan-j_2_6_0.
>     How can I get this to work correctly? Or is there an easier way to
>     accomplish my goals?
>     Thanks for any help.
>     Robert.

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