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From Marco <brbr...@tin.it>
Subject xalan.jar and JDK 1.4
Date Mon, 24 May 2004 12:53:02 GMT
Xalan FAQs say that	
"The Sun JDK 1.4 is packaged with an old version (2.2D11) of Xalan-Java. 
The JDK 1.4 will attempt to use this version instead of any on the 
classpath. Unfortunately, this causes problems when attempting to use a 
newer version of Xalan-Java with the Sun JDK 1.4."

And possible solutions are:
- use the Endorsed Standards Override Mechanism (place the xalan.jar, 
xercesImpl.jar, and xml-apis.jar in the <java-home>\lib\endorsed directory)
- use the -Xbootclasspath java commandline option to prepend the new 
xalan.jar, xercesImpl.jar, and xml-apis.jar to the boot class path.

But, if I distribute my application as a jar file, I can only include 
the xalan/xerces jars (distributed with the app) in the class path 
(using the Class-Path property in the manifest file). How could I 
override the user preinstalled (old) xalan jar?

Thanks in advance,

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