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From "Fuller, Alex" <Alex_Ful...@Lodestarcorp.com>
Subject couple of questions
Date Tue, 11 May 2004 15:34:41 GMT
   I've seen some questions in the archives, but no answers for this.
I've got a transformation followed by a SAX parse in which I run a
schema validation and do a few other things (the validation prevents me
from using a SAXResult).  I think I could use the
SAXTransformationFactory and XMLFilters to consolidate this operation,
but I don't see a way to set parameters on the XSLT.  Is this
unsupported in a SAXTransform?  I'm also assuming I could set schema
validation on the second XMLFilter so that validation would occur at
that point and not earlier.  Is this true?  Currently, I'm operating a
transform thread that writes to a PipedOutputStream and a parsing thread
that reads from a PipedInputStream.  It seems to work, but I
occasionally get concurrency issues with the exception handling.  If I
can set up some sort of filter chain it might be a better solution.


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