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From "friday.agbor" <friday.ag...@laposte.net>
Date Tue, 19 Aug 2003 09:50:21 GMT
&lt;DIV style="FONT-FAMILY: verdana, arial; FONT-SIZE: 12px"&gt;
&lt;DIV&gt;From: Mariam Abacha&lt;BR&gt;  c/o Barrister Blessing Agbor.&lt;BR&gt; 
&lt;BR&gt;  ATTN: sir,&lt;BR&gt;  I am MRS. MARIAM ABACHA, the window of
the late GEN.&lt;BR&gt;  SANI ABACHA former Nigerian military Head of state who&lt;BR&gt; 
died mysteriously as a result of Cardiac Arrest.&lt;BR&gt;  &lt;BR&gt; 
Since after my husband death' my family has been under&lt;BR&gt;  restriction of
movement, and that not withstanding,we&lt;BR&gt;  are being molested, Policed and
our Bank Account both&lt;BR&gt;  here and abroad are being frozen by the Nigerian&lt;BR&gt; 
Civilian Government. &lt;BR&gt;  &lt;BR&gt;  Furthermore, my elder son is
indetention by the Nigerian&lt;BR&gt;  Civilian and under interrogation about my
husband's asset &lt;BR&gt;  and some vital documents.&lt;BR&gt;  &lt;BR&gt; 
The Government later discovered my husband's Bank&lt;BR&gt;  Account with Swiss bank
in which the huge sum US$25&lt;BR&gt;  Million and D M 10 Million Dollars was deposited.&lt;BR&gt; 
This is the reason I have decided to move the sum&lt;BR&gt;  of US$15.3 Million Dollars
which was secretly defaced&lt;BR&gt;  and is already in a security company here in
Nigeria.&lt;BR&gt;  I therefore personally, appeal to you seriously and&lt;BR&gt; 
religiously for urgent assistance to move this money&lt;BR&gt;  into your country
where I believe it will be safe&lt;BR&gt;  since I cannot leave the country due to
the&lt;BR&gt;  restriction of movement imposed on the members of my&lt;BR&gt; 
family by the Nigerian Government.&lt;BR&gt;  &lt;BR&gt;  You can contact
me through my family Attorney &lt;BR&gt;  BARR.Blessing agbor on this e-mail above&lt;BR&gt; 
Tel 234- 80-371-24077.&lt;BR&gt;  &lt;BR&gt;  My lawyer shall arrange with
you for a face to face&lt;BR&gt;  meeting outside Nigeria in order to liaise with
you&lt;BR&gt;  toward effective completion of this transactions.&lt;BR&gt; 
&lt;BR&gt;  However, arrangement have been put in place to move&lt;BR&gt; 
this money out of the country either Europe, Asia or&lt;BR&gt;  Africa in a secret
vault through a security company&lt;BR&gt;  here in Nigeria that has affiliate offices
in Europe&lt;BR&gt;  and other parts of the world and as soon as you&lt;BR&gt; 
indicate your interest my Lawyer shall send you the&lt;BR&gt;  Deposit Certificate
of the Luggage and other related&lt;BR&gt;  documents so that you can help to claim
the Luggage.&lt;BR&gt;  Conclusively, we have agreed to offer you 20% of the&lt;BR&gt; 
total sum 70% is to be held on trust by you until we&lt;BR&gt;  can decide on a suitable
business investment in your&lt;BR&gt;  country and 10% for all incidental expenses&lt;BR&gt; 
Subsequent to our free movement by the Nigerian&lt;BR&gt;  Government. &lt;BR&gt; 
&lt;BR&gt;  Please reply urgently and treat with&lt;BR&gt;  absolute confidentiality
and sincerity through the&lt;BR&gt;  above E-mail address. You should note that even
if you&lt;BR&gt;  are not interested you should not let out this&lt;BR&gt; 
proposal to anybody whatever. &lt;BR&gt;  You should urgently get across to my Attorney
so that &lt;BR&gt;  he can give you the necessary advice on the procedure &lt;BR&gt; 
and requirements for this transaction.&lt;BR&gt;  &lt;BR&gt;  Best Regards,
&lt;BR&gt;  HAJIA MARIAM ABACHA (MRS.)&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/DIV&gt;&lt;/DIV&gt;&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;Accédez
au courrier électronique de La Poste : www.laposte.net ; &lt;BR&gt;3615 LAPOSTENET
(0,34€/mn) ; tél : 08 92 68 13 50 (0,34€/mn) &lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;Accédez
au courrier électronique de La Poste : www.laposte.net ; &lt;BR&gt;3615 LAPOSTENET
(0,34€/mn) ; tél : 08 92 68 13 50 (0,34€/mn) 

Accédez au courrier électronique de La Poste : www.laposte.net ; 
3615 LAPOSTENET (0,34€/mn) ; tél : 08 92 68 13 50 (0,34€/mn)

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