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From Elizabeth Barham <li...@soggytrousers.net>
Subject any xpath tutorials?
Date Sat, 16 Aug 2003 01:46:37 GMT
Hi Everyone,

   I'm attempting to write a <xalan:component> in Java and I'd like to
pass an XPath for function to evaluate but unfortunately I have not
found too much information regarding working with XPath's in Xalan.

   Does anyone know of a tuturial for this type of thing? I did find
this one:


but its from 2000 so I believe that it does not apply to Xalan-2.

   Basically, I'm having a hard time seeing the big picture with
XPathParser, XObject, xpath.Compiler, etc. All I'm interested in doing
is passing an ExpressionContext, a node-set, two XPath strings, and
one integer into a function. It then evaluates the two XPaths (one
becomes a string and another becomes a nodeset).

   Thank you,

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