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From "Andrew Welch" <AWe...@piper-group.com>
Subject RE: text output encoding UTF-16 and controlling LF and CR
Date Tue, 19 Aug 2003 08:20:53 GMT


I don't think it's possible to control the line endings produced from a transform.  The usual
answer is that it doesn't matter what line endings are produced, as when they are read in
by any conformant xml parser they will be normalized to &_#xa; (underscore for converting

So I guess the answer is to look at what is reading the xml back in.  You say in your post
that you are generating java source code from the transform - that sounds pretty cool (and
pretty difficult!) can you post a sample?


I'm generating Java source code from mathml using xslt.  I also output in Unicode format for
including Greek symbols (often in the original mathml and translates nicely).  But I have
the problem that the LF CR output does not get accepted by the jdk1.4 compiler(javac).  I
believe javac expects Unicode with only LF.  Does anyone know how to crontrol LF CR output?

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