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From "Nick Laqua" <Nick.La...@newtron.net>
Subject problem with packaged bcel classes
Date Tue, 19 Aug 2003 13:00:29 GMT

I experienced a nasty problem using the latest xalan version (2.5.1). Anyway, I assume the
problem is relevant also with older versions of xalan.

xalan.jar also contains the bcel classes (these are used for the xsltc processor). Unfortunately,
a quite old version is used which has different method signatures than the actual bcel release
that we use (example: org.apache.bcel.generic.Type.getType(Class class) is not supported by
the xalan bcel classes). Of course, this leads to strange behaviour depending on the order
of class loading. When loading bcel.jar BEFORE xalan.jar, everything works fine, otherwise



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