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From "Shelli D. Orton" <shelli.or...@wmode.com>
Subject Xalan Relaxes Rules?
Date Tue, 06 May 2003 15:30:45 GMT

I'm new to XSLT and am still trying to figure it out.  We've inherited a
project that uses XSLT to create WML pages.  Of course there's no
documentation on the different style sheets used.  So, I tried running the
style sheets through XML Spy so I could get an understanding of what's
happening.  When I use XML Spy's internal built in XSLT engine, it comes up
with a number of problems (e.g. xsl:template the template has a mode param
but not a match, xsl:choose requires an xsl:when child).  However, when I
set XML Spy to use Xalan, none of these errors are reported.  Has anybody
else run into something similar?  Does Xalan relax/not implement all the
XSLT specification deliberately or is this a Xalan bug?


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