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From "Andrew Welch" <AWe...@piper-group.com>
Subject RE: Desining a XSL for generating A-Z...
Date Mon, 12 May 2003 09:27:50 GMT

>Thanks for the suggestion, What if I create an xml with A-Z Nodes, then XSL will call
the java program to check if the directory exists, if yes then create link otherwise don't
create the link .. 

Yes you could do that, but its the wrong way around imho.  I would use an XML Filter on the
way into the transform, checking it against the directory list and adding attributes to the
elements that pass the test.  Then you can check for the existence of the attribute in the
stylesheet to decide whether the element has a matching directory or not.  Its the most effecient
way, and isn't too hard (calling custom external java functions can be confusing enough :)


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