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From "Andrew Welch" <AWe...@piper-group.com>
Subject RE: Newbie CLASSPATH issues
Date Fri, 09 May 2003 13:23:06 GMT

> I cannot get the SimpleTransform sample to work - running "java
> SimpleTransform.java" gives the familiar "Exception in thread "main"

In java the source code must be compiled into java 'bytecode' to be run by your systems Java
Virtual Machine, so you need to compile SimpleTransform.java first (using 'javac') into a
.class file, then run that by typing,

java SimpleTransform

If you're new to all this you might like to check out Xselerator, a really good tool that
makes it easy to perform transforms (Im not associated with it in anyway, I just really like
it :) 



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