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From HoffertMi...@aol.com
Subject problem
Date Thu, 01 May 2003 10:15:03 GMT

same as you don't want to receive e-mails of this type, as same I don't want 
receive e-mails from stupid people who did instal 
The SSL/TLS-aware Apache webserver

I did receive e-mail, where in return path was address:   
I went to address www.yeshua.greeting-cards-4u.com
(look there!!!)
where was lovely message from Apache Group, continuing with:
"......Although this site is running the Apache software it almost certainly 
has no other connection to the Apache Group, so please do not send mail about 
this site or its contents to the Apache authors. If you do, your message will 
be ignored."
So, that means that you don't want to be nagged and you want to ignore 
e-mails from people like me, right???? 
Good, but I don't want anybody to send to me anything, I am not poisoning 
anybody and I don't want anybody to do that to me!!!!!!!
I am sick of stupid people, theirs stupid e-mails and all of anyone who is 
preparing for them conditions to send stupid e-mails and nag me and other 
And who is preparing these conditions?    -YOU!!!
You are bunch of very smart people, but sadly making "fertile field for dumb 
farmers" and trying to say to us (abused ones) that you are not responsible 
for that.
Are you trying make from us dumb ones too???
Than your position is very ignorant and your morality sick.
This e-mail I am sending to all of you, whose e-mail address is on APACHE.ORG 
site (if your address is there, than you are having something to do with 
them, no?) and I hope that one of you is THE ONE who will do something about 
this problem or start think how to use YOU (smart people) to do something 
what is beneficial and not miserable to others.
I don't speak English well, but if you are "smart", than you understand what 
is on my mind and you will forgive my writen mistakes.
I hope, I will never receive similar e-mail again, I just want to keep my 
address clean from junks, spams and other sh......!!!
Mirka Hoffert

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