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From robbie.ceulem...@kbc.be
Subject set stylesheet parameters when using transformation chaining!
Date Wed, 02 Oct 2002 14:07:02 GMT
I am using the SAX Transformation chaining capabilities of Xalan. However,
setting a parameter to the transformer doesn't seem to work.

SAXTransformerFactory stf = (SAXTransformerFactory)
XMLFilter filter = stf.newXMLFilter(new StreamSource("test.xslt"));
StreamResult sr = new StreamResult(System.out);
Transformer transformer = stf.newTransformer();
SAXSource transformSource = new SAXSource(filter, new InputSource

transformer.setParameter("testParam", "value");
transformer.transform(transformSource, sr);

The parameter is not passed to the stylesheet. It works when I just
transform the xml from the commandline (org.apache.xalan.xslt.Process).

When I had a look at the code I saw that for transformation chaining, the
TransformerIdentityImpl is used instead of the TransformerImpl. The
implementation of the setParameter()-method is quiet different. The method
in the TransformerIdentityImpl only seems to put the parameter in a
Hashtable, and that's it. I don't see any place in the code where this
Hashtable is used afterwards.

Is this a bug or am I not supposed to use the setParameter()-method when
doing transformation chaining? (or am I doing something wrong)

Thanks alot for any help,


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