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From "Schramm, Oliver" <schr...@sony.de>
Subject Problems with Xalan-Extension mechanism
Date Thu, 15 Aug 2002 15:54:37 GMT
Hey guys,

I'm just playing around with the Xalan-Extension mechanism (Xalan-2.3.1).
So what I did - I wrote a method 'foo' getting it's context and extElement.
Fine. Then I requested the contextNode and applied an XPATH expression on
Unfortunately I always get a javax.xml.transform.TransformerException with
the explanation 'Unknown error in XPATH'.

But why ? I do not understand where the problem is ?

Code of my 'foo' extension:

  public NodeIterator foo(XSLProcessorContext context, 
                             ElemExtensionCall extElem) {

    String filename = extElem.getAttribute("filename");
    try {
      Node contextNode = context.getContextNode();
      NodeIterator ni = XPathAPI.selectNodeIterator(contextNode, "//foo");

Might somebody has had the same problem.


Oliver Schramm - Sony

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