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From Bjoern Martin <mabj0...@fh-karlsruhe.de>
Subject Reader buggy for transformation? (Was: Re: Force encoding of result doc)
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2001 14:50:49 GMT
I think I got it (at least it works now for me). I used readers and 
writers in my project. Now I switched to streams for testing - and it 
works ?!?
After this strange experience I wrote a very slim sample program. It 
first uses java.io.FileReader and java.io.FileWriter to read/write the 
data and then - in a second run - uses java.io.FileInputStream and 
java.io.FileOutputStream to do the same job. The input files are 
in.xml and style.xsl, the output files are out1.xml (for 
reader/writer) and out2.xml (for streams). It's all documented in the 
On my computer out1.xml has the error with the 'รค' char within a UTF-8 
doc (which is not possible for UTF-8), out2.xml works out ok.

Q: Can you reproduce this problem on your machine? If so, I'll submit 
a bug report.


Bjoern Martin                                bjoern.martin@gmx.net

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