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From Gary L Peskin <ga...@firstech.com>
Subject Re: Force encoding of result doc
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2001 15:21:08 GMT
Bjoern --

I didn't realize that you were running these from your own code so I had
previously tested them from the command line.  I've downloaded and
compiled your classes and I have been able to reproduce your results so
I'll have a look at the java.  Unfortunately, I'm running off to an
appointment in a few minutes but I will check when I return.


Bjoern Martin wrote:
> Hi.
> > I'm not sure what this information will mean.  I'll have to think
> > about this some more tomorrow.
> I stripped down my project to 3 classes, but the Xalan-J part is
> untouched. If you run the class Cmdline, the files from my previous
> mail are expected in the current directory. Result is the same for
> me: no encoding to UTF-8 takes place :(
> I just send you these files because you might see something I miss
> here, and I'd appreciate it, but only do it if you have the time.
> Thx alot for your help!
> Regards.
> --
> Bjoern Martin                                bjoern.martin@gmx.net

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