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From Brian Minchau <minc...@ca.ibm.com>
Subject JIRA "Fix Version" field and Xalan
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2005 04:35:55 GMT

The question came up at the JIRA meeting today on whether the "Fix
Version/s" field can be used in a way that the Xalan custom field
"target-release" is not needed. The answer is yes.

I will be deleting the "target-release" custom field that I had added to
Xalan-J JIRA issues. The standard "Fix Version/s" field will work just
fine. As Henry Zongaro pointed out, from the XalanJ2 home page on JIRA
there are choices to view
- Open Issues
- Road Map
- Change Log
- Popular Issues

The "Road Map" lists fixed issues under each release.  Most of what we have
is under the "CurrentCVS" release. Still this looks like a managers dream
come true. Under "Road Map", beside "CurrentCVS" is a tiny link, "Release
Notes" which a breakdown of bugs/features/tasks fixed in that release.

As a JIRA administrator I find that I can create/delete versions.  For an
existing version I can:
- modify the name of the release
- modify the description
- modify the release date

In addition I can merge two versions (this deletes a version, but before it
does it moves all issues under that version to the other one).

A version can also be released. A version can only go to this status when
there are no open issues under that version.

So, when we have a new release, it looks like we should rename "CurrentCVS"
to "2.7" (for example), and try to change the status of the version to
released. Of course we can't have any open issues in a released version, so
we would create a new "CurrentCVS" and move open issues from 2.7 into that

- Brian
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Brian Minchau
XSLT Development, IBM Toronto
e-mail:        minchau@ca.ibm.com

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