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From "Daniel Pfeifer" <Daniel.Pfei...@tradedoubler.com>
Subject RE: Xalan memoryleak when transformation runs in an own thread
Date Wed, 02 Feb 2005 08:15:58 GMT
Well, the bug ID is XALANJ-2052. Do you have any workarounds for the
time being? Since the memory leak is so severe we can not continue
working with Xalan unless we know a way how to quickly fix this, we
simply can't restart the server every couple of hours considering we
have a 99.9x% SLA.


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From: John Gentilin [mailto:gentijo@eyecatching.com] 
Sent: den 2 februari 2005 00:58
To: xalan-dev@xml.apache.org
Subject: Re: Xalan memoryleak when transformation runs in an own thread


Can you log on to JIRA and submit a but request.

Thank you
John G

Daniel Pfeifer wrote:

>Dear Sirs,
>We are currently using Xalan in a live environment with high
>requirements. Ever since we started using Xalan we have been
>experiencing a problem during transformation. After our server has been
>serving a couple of million requests it keeps consuming more and more
>memory until the virtual machines responds with an OutOfMemoryError. We
>have been profiling the application and came to the conclusion that the
>Xalan is leaking memory when TransformerImpl.transform() is executed in
>its own thread (it's started in an own thread so we can wait for the
>thread to die for like 5 seconds and if the thread is not finished yet,
>we will get back to the thread at some later time and check again).
>However, the Profiler (there is a Profiler capture available if someone
>needs it) pointed out following classes as consuming huge amounts of
>According to the profiler the XMLReaderManager holds a class-variable
>called m_inUse of type Hashtable. This table seems to increase for
>new transformation. It never ever decreases, and that even though every
>single thread in which transformer.transform(a,b) executes has been
>finishing normally.
>Since we are under pressure to find a solution to this problem I've
>wondering if one knows a workaround for this problem.
>=== TransformerTest.java =====================================
>    public String doTransformation(String xml, String xsl) {
>	  // ... Code to create the TransformerFactory ...
>        Templates t = transformerFactory.newTemplates(new
>StreamSource(new StringReader(xsl)));
>        final Transformer transformer = t.newTransformer();
>        StringWriter stringWriter = new StringWriter();
>        final TransformerError transformerError = new
>        final Source xmlSource = new StreamSource(new
>        final Result transformerResult = new
>        Thread transformerThread = new Thread() {
>            public void run() {
>                try {
>                    transformer.transform(xmlSource,
>                } catch (Exception e) {
>                    transformerError.setException(e);
>                }
>            }
>        };
>        transformerThread.start(); // Start the Transformer thread.
>        try {
>            transformerThread.join(5000); // Wait for some seconds,
>hopefully thread is done after this.
>            if (transformerThread.isAlive()) {
>			// outside the scope of this example
>            }
>        } catch (InterruptedException e) {
>		// outside the scope of this example
>        }
>        if (transformerError.getException() != null) {
>            throw transformerError.getException();
>        }
>        String xsl = stringWriter.toString();
>        return xsl;
>    }
>    private class TransformerError {
>        private Exception exception;
>        public Exception getException() {
>            return exception;
>        }
>        public void setException(Exception exception) {
>            this.exception = exception;
>        }
>    }
>=== TransformerTest.java ============================ END ====
>Additionally I would like to add that I did try to use SAXSource, run
>entire Xalan-related code in the Thread and a couple of other things.
>will always leak memory unless I don't use a Thread, which I believe is
>not an option for me since it does have a purpose.
>Don't hesitate to ask additional questions, any tips are helpful.
>Thanks in advance,
>Daniel Pfeifer
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To unsubscribe, e-mail: xalan-dev-unsubscribe@xml.apache.org
For additional commands, e-mail: xalan-dev-help@xml.apache.org

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