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From Brian Quinlan <br...@sweetapp.com>
Subject Re: Proposed changes to XalanTransformer
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2005 13:54:32 GMT
david_n_bertoni@us.ibm.com wrote:
> 3. There are multiple places where exceptions are caught for other 
> functionality, so maybe there is more code duplication we can remove.
> I'm wondering if the best way to model all of this is a base and child 
> class, or something more complex like:
>            XalanTransformerBase
>           /                    \
> XalanTransformer       XalanTransformerEx

I've starting experimenting along these lines. The methods look like this:

void XalanTransformerBase::doBaseTransform(...) // Exceptions uncaught
int XalanTransformer::doTransform(...)
     catch ...

One of the big annoyances, that I'm sure you've noticed, is the presence
of redundant exception handling code. In my own code, I have a huge
macro like this to avoid the code duplication:

#define CATCHXALANEXCEPTION(exceptionHandler)              \
     catch (XSLTProcessorException & processorException)    \
     {                                                      \
         exceptionHandler(processorException);              \
     }                                                      \

And every method that calls a Xalan method looks like this:



Of course there has to be a handler overload for every exception type.
Does anyone have any objections to such a big macro exception handler?


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