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From david_n_bert...@us.ibm.com
Subject RE: Possible build problem in Localization.mak
Date Tue, 02 Mar 2004 16:59:08 GMT

Hi all,

You can never rebuild from a binary distribution -- only a source
distribution.  In the past we only had one distribution which had both
binaries and source, but we now follow the same model as Xerces-C.  So:

   1. You cannot rebuild the core of Xalan from a binary distribution,
   although you can rebuild the samples.  For that reason, the version.incl
   file is might not be necessary in a binary distribution, but we should
   probably include it anyway.

   2. There should be no project or Makefiles in the binary distribution,
   except for the samples.

   3. We should clearly document what you need to rebuild Xalan, which is a
   Xalan source distribution, or a CVS tree, and a Xerces-C binary
   distribution, a Xerces-C source distribution, or a Xerces-C CVS tree.

Brian is right that we should provide explicit instruction on what to do
with each of the possible Xerces-C choices.



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Unfortunately our Windows binary is missing a number of files, if you want
to rebuild you should use the source package.

June K. Ng
XSLT Development
IBM Toronto Laboratory
Email: june@ca.ibm.com

 "Brian Quinlan"                                                           
 03/02/2004 02:15 AM                                                    cc 
          Please respond to                     RE: Possible build problem 
              xalan-dev                         in Localization.mak        

> Maybe it didn't make it into the source distribution?

No, it looks like it didn't make into the NT binary distribution. BTW, I'm
trying to build Xalan 1.7 on Windows in order to prove that it is
for the naive user to do so :-)

Here is my first comment: the build documentation [1] does not state
it applies to a source or binary Xalan release and source or binary Xerces
release. From past experience, I know that only the binary release of
contains an include directory ("Add the Xerces include directory..." [1])
I used the binary version of Xerces. The naive user might download the
source distribution and wonder where the include directory is. The binary
version of Xalan does not seem to be able to rebuild itself on Windows. So
you need the source version of Xalan and, if you want to follow the
documentation, the binary version of Xerces. This seems odd and is not
documented anywhere that I've seen.

[1] http://xml.apache.org/xalan-c/readme.html#win32


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