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From bugzi...@apache.org
Subject Bug report for XalanJ2 [2004/03/07]
Date Sun, 07 Mar 2004 15:19:46 GMT
| Bugzilla Bug ID                                                           |
|     +---------------------------------------------------------------------+
|     | Status: UNC=Unconfirmed NEW=New         ASS=Assigned                |
|     |         OPN=Reopened    VER=Verified    (Skipped Closed/Resolved)   |
|     |   +-----------------------------------------------------------------+
|     |   | Severity: BLK=Blocker     CRI=Critical    MAJ=Major             |
|     |   |           MIN=Minor       NOR=Normal      ENH=Enhancement       |
|     |   |   +-------------------------------------------------------------+
|     |   |   | Date Posted                                                 |
|     |   |   |          +--------------------------------------------------+
|     |   |   |          | Description                                      |
|     |   |   |          |                                                  |
|  743|New|Enh|2001-02-27|XPath parser/lexer/opmap too hard to maintain     |
|  773|Ver|Blk|2001-03-01|<!DOCTYPE output missing trailing '>', linefeed   |
|  776|New|Nor|2001-03-01|Need to catch use of | as or operator in boolean e|
|  777|New|Enh|2001-03-01|Request for performance enhancement to contains() |
|  790|New|Nor|2001-03-01|Need to catch duplicate-named templates, variables|
|  794|New|Nor|2001-03-01|Should raise error when xsl:number tries to genera|
|  805|New|Nor|2001-03-01|TransformerConfigurationException.printStackTrace(|
|  868|Ver|Nor|2001-03-06|Missing Servlet File in Samples                   |
|  894|Ver|Nor|2001-03-07|DOCTYPE declaration doesn't have a closing > and s|
|  925|Ass|Enh|2001-03-09|Need Xalan "fragment reexecution" interface       |
|  985|New|Enh|2001-03-15|Need executeNamedTemplate(QName name, Properties p|
| 1062|New|Nor|2001-03-21|factory.newTemplates() returns null after DOMSourc|
| 1205|New|Enh|2001-04-03|TransformerHandler not reusable                   |
| 1266|New|Nor|2001-04-09|Warning Event not being fired from Transformer whe|
| 1300|Ass|Maj|2001-04-10|message on stdout on Transformer.transform() encou|
| 1311|New|Enh|2001-04-11|Problem with url encoding and script-based functio|
| 1376|Ver|Maj|2001-04-18|match patterns with id() and key() fail           |
| 1379|Ver|Nor|2001-04-18|Xsltc does not support namespace nodes (axis)     |
| 1397|Ver|Min|2001-04-19|apply-imports shouldn't invoke built-ins to proces|
| 1401|Ver|Min|2001-04-19|xsltc's message about missing dtd at runtime is mi|
| 1403|Ver|Maj|2001-04-19|xsltc has problems with output escaping           |
| 1404|Ver|Nor|2001-04-19|relative paths in include/imports cause problems  |
| 1406|Ver|Nor|2001-04-19|xsltc does not apply omit-xml-declaration='yes'   |
| 1407|Ver|Nor|2001-04-19|secount(//city[not(@country=preceding::city/@count|
| 1408|Ver|Nor|2001-04-19|variable in imported xsl over-riding same variable|
| 1409|Ver|Nor|2001-04-19|xsltc has problem using an attribute set for numbe|
| 1410|Ver|Nor|2001-04-19|sort descending w/ nodes along ancestor axis backw|
| 1412|Ver|Nor|2001-04-19|variable fails to capture context node            |
| 1429|Ver|Nor|2001-04-20|<xsl:text> not working with <xsl:output method="xm|
| 1430|Ver|Nor|2001-04-20|output incorrect on MKay's example on using keys p|
| 1439|Ver|Nor|2001-04-20|example on using lang() for localizing dates incor|
| 1441|Ver|Nor|2001-04-20|copy-of @* within a copy template not copying the |
| 1443|Ver|Nor|2001-04-20|soccer team score card example has incorrect ouput|
| 1465|New|Enh|2001-04-23|setDocumentLocator() is never invoked. The first m|
| 1472|Ver|Nor|2001-04-24|ArrayIndexOutOfBounds error on attribute qualified|
| 1473|Ver|Maj|2001-04-24|closing tag doesn't match opening tag             |
| 1487|Ver|Maj|2001-04-24|xsltc doesn't support params/vars defined in other|
| 1488|Ver|Nor|2001-04-24|current()/@attrib expression null in apply-templat|
| 1489|Ver|Min|2001-04-24|can't create element with name derived from AVT w/|
| 1498|Ver|Nor|2001-04-25|XSLTMark benchmark test 'xpath' has missing output|
| 1499|Ver|Nor|2001-04-25|xsltc outputs tags with method=text               |
| 1503|Ver|Min|2001-04-25|xsltc doesn't choose last template when priority e|
| 1504|Ver|Nor|2001-04-25|xsltc ignores doctype-system attribute of xsl:outp|
| 1506|Ver|Nor|2001-04-25|xsltc ingores exclude-result-prefixes attribute of|
| 1508|Ver|Nor|2001-04-25|element instruction creates illegal tag with space|
| 1511|Ver|Nor|2001-04-25|predicate fails if union not at end [ (Z or V) and|
| 1512|Ver|Blk|2001-04-25|xsltc doesn't url-encode spaces in href attribute |
| 1513|Ver|Nor|2001-04-25|xml output with ident="yes" not being indented    |
| 1515|Ver|Enh|2001-04-25|xsltc should support tree variables to do sort and|
| 1516|Ver|Nor|2001-04-25|xsl:text and disable-output-escaping, output wrong|
| 1517|Ver|Nor|2001-04-25|xsl:attribute doesn't balk on undeclared namespace|
| 1518|Ver|Nor|2001-04-25|xsltc has problem with namespace attributes with A|
| 1521|Ver|Nor|2001-04-25|literal result elements created with element tag o|
| 1525|Ver|Min|2001-04-25|excessive white space nodes copied to html output |
| 1532|Ver|Nor|2001-04-26|XSLTMark test oddtemplate problems with /*[] in st|
| 1534|Ver|Nor|2001-04-26|xsl:param used multiple times is not re-evaluated,|
| 1564|Ass|Nor|2001-04-27|Xalan forces validation when entities are declared|
| 1591|Ver|Nor|2001-05-01|xsltc DOMcache not being updated when document mod|
| 1604|New|Enh|2001-05-02|Scriptable HTML attributes need to be returned une|
| 1647|Ver|Nor|2001-05-08|java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.w3c.dom.Node: met|
| 1677|Ver|Nor|2001-05-09|xsltc gives null ptr exeption on the specs XSLT, X|
| 1747|Ver|Nor|2001-05-14|xsltc's external java function ns url should be xm|
| 1757|Ver|Maj|2001-05-15|Wrong encoding used when adding attributes in XSLT|
| 1758|Ver|Cri|2001-05-15|axes108 select="@*/following::comment()" axis caus|
| 1780|Ver|Nor|2001-05-16|xsltc will compile xml (not xsl) doc without compl|
| 1800|New|Nor|2001-05-17|setTransformState not called until after startDocu|
| 1845|Ass|Enh|2001-05-21|Clean up Class.forName and Class.getResourceAsStre|
| 1989|Ver|Maj|2001-06-04|runtime error with document function              |
| 2197|Ver|Maj|2001-06-15|runtime DOMImpl$1 error                           |
| 2223|Ver|Maj|2001-06-18|sort element causes Incompatible argument to funct|
| 2343|Ver|Maj|2001-06-26|typecheck error invoking name(...) with template p|
| 2351|Ver|Nor|2001-06-27|XSLTMark 2_0_0 queens test fails                  |
| 2399|Ver|Cri|2001-06-29|ClassLoaders for WAS Often Fail on compiled classe|
| 2425|New|Nor|2001-07-02|document() method accesses URIResolver multiple ti|
| 2446|Ass|Min|2001-07-04|IE5 requires that the div element is not indented |
| 2465|Ver|Blk|2001-07-05|Atributes do not work in Xalan XSLTC using TrAX wi|
| 2468|Ver|Maj|2001-07-05|Empty xpath when passed as a parameter to a templa|
| 2517|Ver|Nor|2001-07-09|<script> and <style> elements in html output shoul|
| 2535|Ver|Nor|2001-07-10|xsltc fails attribset24, outputting a double ns pr|
| 2536|Ver|Min|2001-07-10|merged attrib sets with redundant attribs last one|
| 2538|Ver|Nor|2001-07-10|xsltc does not merge attrib sets with same name   |
| 2551|Ver|Cri|2001-07-10|xsltc fails tests axes100,101,103-112             |
| 2552|New|Enh|2001-07-10|new -PARAMX needed for xslt.Process.main()        |
| 2553|Ver|Maj|2001-07-10|xsltc fails test axes83 selecting nodes without ch|
| 2572|Ver|Maj|2001-07-11|xsltc is failing axes tests 73,80,81              |
| 2578|Ver|Nor|2001-07-11|xsltc ignores &#xa in literal result element (cond|
| 2581|Ver|Nor|2001-07-11|xsltc fails conf tests conditional13,14, and 15   |
| 2582|Ver|Nor|2001-07-11|xsltc fails conflictres19 on namespace vs non-name|
| 2583|Ver|Min|2001-07-11|Problem with patterns containing PIs with paramete|
| 2591|Ver|Nor|2001-07-12|XSLTC docs not updated to reflect the move to a tr|
| 2593|Ver|Nor|2001-07-12|XSLTC sample code not updated following move to tr|
| 2595|Ver|Nor|2001-07-12|xsltc fails boolean43 not recognizing a result tre|
| 2598|Ver|Nor|2001-07-12|xsltc fails conf tests copy01,02,03,04 on identity|
| 2599|Ver|Cri|2001-07-12|xsltc fails conf test copy13,14 not copying commen|
| 2603|Ver|Maj|2001-07-12|xsltc fails conf test copy18 copy-of with union of|
| 2615|Ver|Maj|2001-07-13|xsltc is failing conf test idkey05 can't compile, |
| 2620|Ver|Nor|2001-07-13|xsltc fails conf test idkey07 not returning empty |
| 2624|Ver|Maj|2001-07-13|xsltc fails conf test idkey18, 31, and 32 with run|
| 2630|Ver|Nor|2001-07-14|StringOutOfBoundsException while using xsltc      |
| 2661|Ver|Maj|2001-07-17|template parameters missing illegal character rema|
| 2664|Ver|Maj|2001-07-17|de.fub.bytecode.generic.ClassGenException: Branch |
| 2695|Ver|Nor|2001-07-19|xsltc fails conf tests impincl06, and impinlc07   |
| 2698|New|Min|2001-07-19|Code cleanup in TreeWalker2Result.startNode()     |
| 2699|Ver|Maj|2001-07-19|Register type-error has variable-declaration locat|
| 2719|Ver|Nor|2001-07-20|xsltc fails conf test impincl08 can't find doc ref|
| 2794|Ver|Min|2001-07-25|xsltc fails conf test lre12, no warning and <>    |
| 2801|Ver|Nor|2001-07-25|xsltc fails conf test lre21 by copying ext namespa|
| 2803|Ver|Nor|2001-07-25|xsltc fails conf test match15                     |
| 2805|Ver|Min|2001-07-25|xsltc fails conf test math94 returning 0 instead o|
| 2807|Ver|Maj|2001-07-25|Exception thrown when no CDATA section present    |
| 2832|Ver|Blk|2001-07-26|xsltc fail mdoc conf tests not finding docs via re|
| 2834|Ver|Min|2001-07-26|xsltc fails conf test modes11 not selecting commen|
| 2838|Ver|Maj|2001-07-26|xsltc fails conf test namedtemplate10 not doing nu|
| 2839|Ver|Min|2001-07-26|xsltc fails conf test namespace01 with omitted lin|
| 2840|Ver|Maj|2001-07-26|xsltc fails conf test namespace16 not ignoring top|
| 2858|Ver|Nor|2001-07-27|xsltc fails conf test namespace30 with name functi|
| 2859|Ver|Nor|2001-07-27|xsltc fails conf test namespace36 not resetting of|
| 2862|Ver|Blk|2001-07-27|attributes null in for-each on nodes retrieved by |
| 2863|Ver|Nor|2001-07-27|conf tests namespace72,85,91,93, and 94 fail in cr|
| 2889|Ver|Min|2001-07-30|xsltc fails conf test numberformat37 divide by zer|
| 2890|Ver|Min|2001-07-30|xsltc fails conf test numberformat38 on pattern fo|
| 2900|Ver|Nor|2001-07-30|xsltc fails conf test numbering45 with odd and eve|
| 2901|Ver|Nor|2001-07-30|xsltc fails conf tests numbering39,40             |
| 2921|Ver|Nor|2001-07-31|attribute outside of element with "*|@*" vs "@*|*"|
| 2922|Ver|Blk|2001-07-31|get error null compiling                          |
| 2926|New|Nor|2001-07-31|constructor StreamSource(File f) sets incorrect sy|
| 2932|Ver|Nor|2001-07-31|xsltc fails conf test axes114 and 115 preceding-si|
| 2935|Ver|Maj|2001-07-31|xsltc fails conf test conditional14 on if with sub|
| 2937|Ver|Nor|2001-07-31|xsltc fails conf test impincl15 not honoring mode |
| 2939|Ver|Maj|2001-07-31|xsltc fails conf test match16 not doing position n|
| 2952|Ver|Nor|2001-08-01|xsltc fails conf test output24                    |
| 2954|Ver|Cri|2001-08-01|xsltc fails output25                              |
| 2961|New|Nor|2001-08-01|TransformerException with resin in TransformerImpl|
| 3003|Ver|Nor|2001-08-06|xsltc fails conf test ouput37 escaping & in an att|
| 3005|Ver|Nor|2001-08-06|xsltc fails output28 and output42 - problems with |
| 3066|Ver|Maj|2001-08-09|xsltc fails XSLTMark test depth with IndexOutofBou|
| 3099|Ver|Nor|2001-08-12|output type html turn off by included file        |
| 3267|Ver|Nor|2001-08-24|xsltc compiler fails silently when xslt references|
| 3268|Ver|Maj|2001-08-24|redefinition of variables in new scope            |
| 3311|Ver|Nor|2001-08-28|not retrieving correct values when wildcard is use|
| 3312|Ver|Nor|2001-08-28|xsltc fails conf test axes56 //xx/descendent::*   |
| 3313|Ver|Maj|2001-08-28|xsltc fails conf test axes82 select='//*'         |
| 3314|Ver|Maj|2001-08-28|xsltc fails conf test axes117 expecting to find ob|
| 3320|Ver|Nor|2001-08-28|xsltc fails conf test copy40 saying attribute outs|
| 3322|Ver|Nor|2001-08-28|xsltc fails conf test copy46 select='*[local-name(|
| 3324|Ver|Nor|2001-08-28|parameter with '.' in name loses status as node se|
| 3343|Ver|Nor|2001-08-29|xsltc fails conf test lre02 with lre missing      |
| 3360|Ver|Maj|2001-08-30|coolrunning search.xsl not filtering              |
| 3401|Ver|Maj|2001-09-04|XSLTC does not handle compound predicates correctl|
| 3402|Ver|Cri|2001-09-04|xsltc fails conf tests mdocs12 and mdocs13 with mi|
| 3404|Ver|Maj|2001-09-04|xsltc fails conf tests variable11,27,28,29,30 on i|
| 3405|Ver|Cri|2001-09-04|xsltc fails conf test variable21 with type check e|
| 3406|Ver|Maj|2001-09-04|XSLTC does not handle forward references in variab|
| 3410|Ver|Cri|2001-09-04|xsltc fails conf test numbering90 with runtime err|
| 3413|New|Nor|2001-09-04|XPathAPI permits garbage expressions              |
| 3417|Ver|Nor|2001-09-04|xsltc fails conf test output59 puts PI before DOCT|
| 3418|Ver|Min|2001-09-04|xsltc fails conf test output73 with minor diff on |
| 3419|Ver|Nor|2001-09-04|xsltc fails conf test position31 with incorrect ou|
| 3420|Ver|Maj|2001-09-04|xsltc fails conf test position68 problem with posi|
| 3424|Ver|Maj|2001-09-04|Memory Retention problem (diagnosis and patch)    |
| 3426|Ver|Maj|2001-09-04|URIResolver base and href args swapped in Import &|
| 3440|Ver|Nor|2001-09-05|xsltc fails conf test position70 with strip-space |
| 3448|Ver|Nor|2001-09-05|Basis library constructs unnecessary temporary obj|
| 3463|Ver|Cri|2001-09-06|xsltc fails conf test position78 with output out o|
| 3466|Ver|Nor|2001-09-06|xsltc fails conf test position80 on last() with un|
| 3468|Ver|Nor|2001-09-06|xsltc fails conf tests position86,87,89 select="ch|
| 3469|Ver|Nor|2001-09-06|When rendering html it is impossible to turn inden|
| 3470|Ver|Min|2001-09-06|xsltc fails conf tests processorinfo2,3 system-pro|
| 3471|Ver|Maj|2001-09-06|xsltc fails conf test reluri11 level3/xreluri09a.x|
| 3477|Ver|Enh|2001-09-06|RFC: Iterator code review WRT reinitialization    |
| 3490|Ver|Blk|2001-09-07|xsltc fails conf test select08 node set assigne to|
| 3492|Ver|Nor|2001-09-07|xsltc fail conf test select04 on unions in doc ord|
| 3501|Ver|Cri|2001-09-07|xsltc fails conf test select67,68 runtime errors; |
| 3502|Ver|Nor|2001-09-07|XSLTC cannot handle XPath expressions with axis na|
| 3504|Ver|Nor|2001-09-07|xsltc fails conf test select72 on union of same va|
| 3506|Ver|Nor|2001-09-07|xsltc fails conf test select73 entity splits text |
| 3508|Ver|Min|2001-09-07|xsltc fails conf test select46 node set union on a|
| 3517|Ver|Min|2001-09-10|xsltc fails conf test sort13 non-numerics not clus|
| 3519|Ver|Maj|2001-09-10|xsltc fails conf test sort26 sort27 sort28 on appl|
| 3533|Ver|Blk|2001-09-10|using multimof.xsl to transform bigmof_cim.xml for|
| 3592|Ver|Maj|2001-09-13|XSLTC does not handle long integers               |
| 3619|Ver|Cri|2001-09-14|using xsl:with-param with xsl:call-template, defau|
| 3651|Ver|Maj|2001-09-17|DOM2SAX does not conform to SAX API               |
| 3652|Ver|Maj|2001-09-17|DOM2SAX reports attribute types incorrectly       |
| 3664|Ver|Nor|2001-09-17|xsltc doesn't support simplified stylesheets with |
| 3685|Ver|Nor|2001-09-18|xsltc fails conf test variable53                  |
| 3686|Ver|Nor|2001-09-18|xsltc fails conf test whitespace13                |
| 3689|Ver|Min|2001-09-18|xsltc fails conf test whitespace21 on comments in |
| 3690|Ver|Nor|2001-09-18|xsltc fails conf test whitespace20 ignoring xml:sp|
| 3691|Ver|Nor|2001-09-18|xsltc fails conf test whitespace16 on whitespace c|
| 3728|New|Enh|2001-09-19|TransformerIdentityImpl.transform(src, res) create|
| 3767|Ver|Min|2001-09-21|conf tests axes56 now has extra spaces in output  |
| 3812|Ver|Blk|2001-09-25|customer test cr_long failing with parameter 'myst|
| 3816|Ver|Nor|2001-09-25|xsltc fails conf test position79                  |
| 3835|Ver|Nor|2001-09-26|xsltc fails conf test sort32 and sort33 setting or|
| 3858|Ver|Maj|2001-09-27|TransformerFactory.getErrorListener() returns null|
| 3859|Ver|Nor|2001-09-27|TransformerFactory.setAttribute() needs to throw e|
| 3872|Ver|Nor|2001-09-28|xsltc doesn't detect duplicate decimal-format name|
| 3873|Ver|Maj|2001-09-28|TransformerHandler.getTransformer() returns null  |
| 3906|Ver|Maj|2001-10-01|xsltc TrAX implementation cannot take a filename f|
| 3948|Ver|Maj|2001-10-03|trax- No output properties set on default transfor|
| 3967|Ver|Min|2001-10-04|Trax: transformer.getOutputProperty() should throw|
| 3969|Opn|Min|2001-10-04|misleading error-message when creating an attribut|
| 3994|Ver|Nor|2001-10-05|xsltc should supprt same method for calling extern|
| 4039|Ver|Nor|2001-10-09|xsltc trax: default output properties: booleans sh|
| 4040|Ver|Min|2001-10-09|xsltc should output UTF-8 not utf-8 in XML declara|
| 4044|New|Nor|2001-10-09|SAX Transform after error gives different results |
| 4046|Ver|Nor|2001-10-09|trax: bogus get attribute on TransformerFactory sh|
| 4050|Ver|Blk|2001-10-09|xsltc failing identity transform in copy17        |
| 4070|Ver|Cri|2001-10-10|Trax XSLTC fails when use as a TransformerHandler |
| 4172|Ver|Min|2001-10-15|xsltc fails conf test variable39 comment node miss|
| 4175|Ver|Nor|2001-10-15|xsltc fails conf test variable48 propagating param|
| 4178|Ver|Nor|2001-10-15|xsltc fails conf test variable50 with nodes out of|
| 4197|New|Nor|2001-10-16|Identically-matching templates are silently accept|
| 4201|Ver|Min|2001-10-16|xsltc fails conf test string20; substring function|
| 4208|Ver|Maj|2001-10-16|xsltc fails conf test select18 compile error on NC|
| 4242|Ver|Maj|2001-10-17|xsltc fails predicate11 on select="a[following-sib|
| 4243|Ver|Maj|2001-10-17|xsltc fails conf test position09 on position in ma|
| 4248|Ver|Nor|2001-10-17|xsltc fails conf test position89, nodes not return|
| 4249|Ver|Nor|2001-10-17|xsltc fails conf test position90, <xsl:for-each se|
| 4253|Ver|Nor|2001-10-17|patch for XSLTC to compile stylesheet from System.|
| 4257|New|Nor|2001-10-17|document() function reloads the document several t|
| 4328|Opn|Nor|2001-10-22|HTML output serializes ampersand as "&" in HREF at|
| 4331|Ver|Nor|2001-10-22|xsltc doesn't do copy-of select="@*" on xml:lang c|
| 4343|Ver|Nor|2001-10-22|patch for ordering dependency of cmdline.Compile o|
| 4464|Ver|Maj|2001-10-26|patch: jar-packaged translet-classname built with |
| 4521|Ver|Maj|2001-10-30|xsltc fails impincl03 on params defined in importe|
| 4525|Ver|Cri|2001-10-30|xsltc fails conf test impincl17 with keys in impor|
| 4602|Ver|Maj|2001-11-02|Problems with last() function and the ancestor ite|
| 4656|Ver|Nor|2001-11-05|xsltc outputs an illegal attribute after children |
| 4677|Ver|Nor|2001-11-06|xsltc not returning nodes in correct order (axis90|
| 4711|Ver|Blk|2001-11-07|Problems locating stylesheet when XSLTC is used fr|
| 4718|Ver|Maj|2001-11-07|XSLTC fails on handling multiple nested variables/|
| 4745|New|Min|2001-11-08|<xsl:copy> introduces inappropriate line-end chara|
| 4755|Ver|Maj|2001-11-08|xsltc servlet and JSP transformations interact cha|
| 4778|New|Nor|2001-11-09|xerces2b3: setting feature:incremental true fails |
| 4779|Ver|Cri|2001-11-09|xsltc fails to pass top-level parameter to top-lev|
| 4781|Ver|Nor|2001-11-09|xsltc selecting node not specified by key         |
| 4783|Ver|Nor|2001-11-09|xsltc fails test mk053 with NaN                   |
| 4796|Ass|Nor|2001-11-11|SAXSourceLocator Not Reporting Location Correctly |
| 4808|New|Enh|2001-11-12|using object identity as a substitute for isSameNo|
| 4810|Ver|Min|2001-11-12|regression on math76 comparing -0 and 0 as divisor|
| 4813|Ver|Min|2001-11-12|xsltc returns substring even when start and length|
| 4845|Ver|Maj|2001-11-13|xsltc should escape quote chars in an html attribu|
| 4859|New|Nor|2001-11-13|WrappedRunningException on document() call        |
| 4874|Ver|Nor|2001-11-14|xsltc deficient on xsl:message element (message11,|
| 4876|Ver|Maj|2001-11-14|xsltc has problem with namespace-alias (namespace1|
| 4894|Ver|Min|2001-11-15|xsltc creates element with invalid name (namespace|
| 4896|Ver|Min|2001-11-15|xsltc incorrectly returns namespace uri for namesp|
| 4901|Ver|Min|2001-11-15|xsltc ignores specified strings for infinity, NaN |
| 4904|Ver|Nor|2001-11-15|xsltc doesn't output value of doc/foo node in spec|
| 4905|Ver|Maj|2001-11-15|xsltc: xpath parameters with non-leaf decendant-pr|
| 4906|Ver|Nor|2001-11-15|xsltc ingoring the standalone="no" attribute in ou|
| 4921|Ver|Maj|2001-11-16|xsltc regressed on the rahtz6 test on Nov 2       |
| 4983|Ver|Nor|2001-11-20|xsltc applies default namespace to both output ele|
| 5130|Ver|Enh|2001-11-27|Only SystemClassLoader is used.                   |
| 5139|Ver|Min|2001-11-27|xsltc should output a compiler warning message tha|
| 5152|Ver|Maj|2001-11-27|xsltc generates empty nodeset in non-leaf predicat|
| 5194|Ver|Nor|2001-11-30|xsltc tries to create a instruction with negative |
| 5200|New|Enh|2001-11-30|Refinement to CachedXPathAPI                      |
| 5202|New|Min|2001-11-30|Must detect non-literal argument to id() in match |
| 5208|New|Enh|2001-11-30|Xalan-J build.xml bugs/enhancements               |
| 5251|New|Enh|2001-12-03|ApplyXPath should support namespaced xpaths.      |
| 5296|New|Maj|2001-12-05|UnionPathIterator only has one node               |
| 5325|Ver|Cri|2001-12-07|XSLTC fails '//' expression starting from root    |
| 5327|Ver|Blk|2001-12-07|XSLTC exception when imported stylesheet declares |
| 5328|Ver|Nor|2001-12-07|[XSLTC] xsl:param with dash in name not working   |
| 5363|New|Maj|2001-12-11|Problem with setInclude() and a 'ghost' template  |
| 5389|New|Min|2001-12-12|Prefixed attrib in different namespace from its el|
| 5498|New|Maj|2001-12-18|attr's namespace URI for xsl:stylesheet not checke|
| 5528|New|Enh|2001-12-20|DOMBuilder mixes DOM Level 1 and 2                |
| 5576|Ver|Nor|2001-12-23|XSLTC does not return all nodes for expression "//|
| 5691|New|Enh|2002-01-04|Add a DOM-node XPath generator utility            |
| 5779|Ass|Nor|2002-01-10|"Default identity" transform not generating namesp|
| 5816|New|Nor|2002-01-11|SecurityExceptions not reported/ newTransformer ne|
| 5857|Ver|Maj|2002-01-15|Umlauts like &Uuml; get replaced by &nbsp; when us|
| 5961|New|Cri|2002-01-22|Out of memory running XSL file against large XML, |
| 5964|Ver|Blk|2002-01-22|XLSTC: ClassCastException in Stylesheet.setImportP|
| 5979|New|Nor|2002-01-23|property names do not conform to "." naming conven|
| 5992|New|Enh|2002-01-23|Xalan XHTML output lacks space before the closing |
| 6079|New|Enh|2002-01-28|Enhancement request: trace modes                  |
| 6134|New|Enh|2002-01-30|Include XSL code as debug information in generated|
| 6149|New|Nor|2002-01-31|problem with getAssociatedStylesheet              |
| 6158|New|Min|2002-01-31|Need to catch use of variables in xsl:key attribut|
| 6222|New|Enh|2002-02-04|Using Xalan in applet                             |
| 6255|New|Maj|2002-02-05|Xalan 2.2 mishandles newline in numeric RTF       |
| 6314|Ver|Maj|2002-02-07|Regression:  ancestor & a-o-s failing with Nodeset|
| 6375|New|Nor|2002-02-11|Intermittent NPE from XRTreeFrag in ParameterTest(|
| 6417|Ver|Nor|2002-02-13|XSLTC TRAX Implementation produces incorrect DOM s|
| 6418|New|Enh|2002-02-13|Java Extension class produces different results be|
| 6625|New|Enh|2002-02-21|No Locator available to ContentHandler (SAXResult)|
| 6719|Opn|Nor|2002-02-27|Tomcat 4 docs build ant style tasks fail with Xala|
| 6961|Ver|Nor|2002-03-07|XSLTC: Using Xerces2.x generates invalid XML.     |
| 6976|New|Maj|2002-03-08|number format for other locale is wrong           |
| 6980|New|Maj|2002-03-08|Redefinition of prefix to same URN breaks subPartM|
| 6993|New|Nor|2002-03-08|XSLTC: xsl:strip-space doesn't work with copy-of  |
| 7058|New|Enh|2002-03-12|QName.toString() should use StringBuffer concat to|
| 7152|New|Cri|2002-03-15|infinite loop is generated in xsl:for-each        |
| 7204|New|Nor|2002-03-18|Null value for namespace arg in startElement() and|
| 7208|Ver|Nor|2002-03-18|XSLTC: JAXP transform fails with DOM stylesheet   |
| 7212|Ver|Nor|2002-03-18|XSLTC: can't serialize stylesheet                 |
| 7249|New|Maj|2002-03-19|DOMResult and StreamResult differ on adding DOCTYP|
| 7282|New|Maj|2002-03-20|(Smoketest) ErrorListenerTest throws NPE after bui|
| 7294|New|Enh|2002-03-20|Performance Issue - CachedXPathAPI                |
| 7368|New|Nor|2002-03-22|Text Nodes are split randomly                     |
| 7409|New|Min|2002-03-24|Wrong values pushed to stack (internal doc issue?)|
| 7463|New|Nor|2002-03-25|Returning a null serializer                       |
| 7603|New|Nor|2002-03-29|XSLT not reporting error when a match pattern has |
| 7659|Ver|Min|2002-04-01|XSLTC reports system-property('xsl:vendor') incorr|
| 7660|New|Min|2002-04-01|Xalan reports system-property('xsl:version') incor|
| 7724|New|Min|2002-04-03|java.lang.NullPointerException thrown if an attrib|
| 7854|Ver|Nor|2002-04-08|runtime error on template match="//B//X"          |
| 7885|New|Min|2002-04-09|Using Axis.DESCENDANT with a DTMAxisIterator, getL|
| 7886|New|Min|2002-04-09|Using Axis.ANCESTOR with DTMAxisIterator is giving|
| 7894|New|Min|2002-04-09|document function and uri's beginning with slash  |
| 7946|Opn|Enh|2002-04-11|xsl:output idea debug comments                    |
| 8033|New|Nor|2002-04-12|SAXExceptions in incremental mode reported incorre|
| 8175|New|Min|2002-04-16|Attempt copy-of on very deep tree; output truncate|
| 8485|New|Min|2002-04-24|no error check for localname in ContentHandler.sta|
| 8612|New|Enh|2002-04-29|Performance Enhancement to Xalan distinct function|
| 8666|New|Nor|2002-04-30|Transform to DomResult from any Source (StreamSour|
| 8711|New|Enh|2002-05-01|Better control over validation                    |
| 8783|New|Min|2002-05-03|QName.hashCode() inconsistent with QName.equals(Ob|
| 8879|New|Cri|2002-05-07|java.lang.OutOfMemoryError when processing large C|
| 8962|New|Nor|2002-05-10|Strange results building CDATA sections           |
| 9124|New|Nor|2002-05-15|ElemApplyTemplate not calling pushElemTemplateElem|
| 9328|New|Min|2002-05-22|preceding::* on nodeset($RTF) misses first node   |
| 9331|New|Nor|2002-05-22|Some combinations of descendant axes fail on nodes|
| 9542|New|Nor|2002-05-31|TransformerIdentityImpl inlining external DTDs    |
| 9543|New|Nor|2002-05-31|Iusses with Encoder and Tomcat 4.0.3              |
|10218|New|Nor|2002-06-25|Serializing a XML document via TRAX changes "\r\n"|
|10417|New|Enh|2002-07-02|PipeDocument: use generated doc as _stylesheet_?  |
|10476|New|Nor|2002-07-04|Xalan treats relative paths differently to Saxon  |
|10603|New|Enh|2002-07-09|Allow extension to return SAX events?             |
|10616|New|Nor|2002-07-09|copy-of puts invalid content into attributes, comm|
|10626|New|Nor|2002-07-10|XSLTC: xsl:import and xsl:include don't work when |
|10630|New|Enh|2002-07-10|Source interface does not specify source          |
|10640|New|Nor|2002-07-10|attempt to sort decending produces error          |
|10668|New|Nor|2002-07-10|XSLTC: TemplatesHandlerImpl.setLocator() incorrect|
|10717|New|Enh|2002-07-11|Message about additional sort data types could be |
|10832|Ver|Nor|2002-07-15|RelationalExpression failed when comparing RTFs us|
|10908|New|Nor|2002-07-17|java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in BoolSt|
|10985|New|Enh|2002-07-19|Object creation nit                               |
|10986|New|Enh|2002-07-19|XSLTC object creation nit                         |
|10995|New|Nor|2002-07-19|Failed assertion on simple XPath syntax errors    |
|11380|New|Nor|2002-08-01|Xalan-J accepts a string as the second argument of|
|11453|New|Nor|2002-08-04|Xalan samples: Validate does not run with external|
|11504|Unc|Nor|2002-08-06|DOMSource requires namespace declarations?        |
|11604|Ver|Nor|2002-08-10|EXSLT implementations of set:leading and set:trail|
|11792|New|Maj|2002-08-17|XPathAPI throws NPE If Any Extension Function Used|
|11877|New|Nor|2002-08-20|Extension JS element fails if inside a top-level v|
|12085|New|Nor|2002-08-27|MalformedURLException when importing from styleshe|
|12146|New|Nor|2002-08-29|XSL Transformation fais for DOM documnets created |
|12261|Ver|Enh|2002-09-03|Need to have -DIAG option on XSLTC                |
|12270|New|Maj|2002-09-03|Not able to transform in-memory documents         |
|12337|New|Nor|2002-09-05|SQL Extension broken for streaming mode           |
|12376|New|Nor|2002-09-06|TCK: Error should be reported to System.err if the|
|12378|Ver|Nor|2002-09-06|Update test.properties smoketest.conf.excludes to |
|12646|New|Maj|2002-09-14|AttList fails to convert namespace URIs           |
|12677|New|Nor|2002-09-16|xsl:key or generate-id() appears to lose first att|
|12690|New|Min|2002-09-16|NPE from attempt to use NameTest on namespace axis|
|12797|New|Nor|2002-09-19|Null pointer exception with XPath $foo[position() |
|12883|Unc|Cri|2002-09-20|java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 4104 fro|
|12958|New|Nor|2002-09-24|Performance Query                                 |
|13039|New|Cri|2002-09-26|Xalan's DOMSource is not thread-safe              |
|13237|New|Nor|2002-10-03|setParameter() does not work when using transforma|
|13259|New|Nor|2002-10-03|Class to large hard to Debug                      |
|13453|New|Enh|2002-10-09|Enhance ElemMessage to include message in exceptio|
|13579|New|Enh|2002-10-13|Performance problem with Xalan 2.0 -> 2.4         |
|13830|New|Nor|2002-10-21|sort data-type="text" not sorting text with "-" co|
|13838|New|Nor|2002-10-22|Unknown error in XPath in recursive string operati|
|13850|Ver|Cri|2002-10-22|xsltc type match problem with docbook test in xslt|
|13851|New|Nor|2002-10-22|java.lang.StackOverflowError in XString.equals()  |
|13875|Unc|Nor|2002-10-23|xsltc unable to generate translates from  a style |
|14099|New|Min|2002-10-30|Xerces in xalan xslt20 branch not defaulting to na|
|14102|New|Maj|2002-10-30|XSL Include files ignore encoding set in root XSL |
|14125|New|Enh|2002-10-31|RTF where nodeset expected: better message desired|
|14126|New|Maj|2002-10-31|Xalan hangs forever given this input              |
|14236|New|Maj|2002-11-04|EXSLT function unbinds params                     |
|14285|New|Nor|2002-11-06|execute method uses dtm.getDocument() instead of d|
|14325|New|Maj|2002-11-07|Transformer fails when Templates constructed with |
|14403|New|Nor|2002-11-09|Problem with remapping a prefix to a different nam|
|14522|New|Enh|2002-11-13|Performance problem due to unnecessary ArrayIndexO|
|14610|Opn|Min|2002-11-15|XSLTC: html output method only applies to elements|
|14621|New|Nor|2002-11-16|Confusing error message if namespace URI starts wi|
|14826|Opn|Nor|2002-11-25|xsl:document does not work                        |
|14856|New|Enh|2002-11-26|Update faq, dist directory to have link to PGP key|
|14870|Ass|Nor|2002-11-26|Parameter value lost when traversing different con|
|14984|Opn|Blk|2002-12-02|XSLTC compiltation error : Branch target offset to|
|15006|New|Nor|2002-12-02|copy21 testcases fails in trax.dom flavor         |
|15089|Ver|Nor|2002-12-04|NullPointerException at Variable.fixupVariables wh|
|15095|New|Nor|2002-12-05|Runs slower than older version                    |
|15117|New|Nor|2002-12-05|Multiple calls to str method of XObject do not ret|
|15182|New|Nor|2002-12-09|TransformerException when XML File is Exactly 16K |
|15203|Opn|Nor|2002-12-09|Undefined  XSLT element should not be an error    |
|15205|New|Enh|2002-12-09|xsl:message prints without "location info".       |
|15240|New|Nor|2002-12-10|No locator provided upon stylesheet errors        |
|15253|Opn|Nor|2002-12-10|XSLTC: nodes are incorrectly selected with documen|
|15320|New|Nor|2002-12-12|DTMManager.getDTM(int) sometimes returns null for |
|15326|New|Min|2002-12-12|XSLTC: whitespace not stripped from document()s.  |
|15333|New|Min|2002-12-12|XSLTC: apply-imports problems                     |
|15335|New|Nor|2002-12-12|XSLTC: incorrect xpath results with current() and |
|15361|New|Nor|2002-12-13|Using default namespaces in XML file will not curr|
|15379|Ver|Nor|2002-12-15|XSLTC: Unexpected template resolution             |
|15444|Opn|Nor|2002-12-17|DTMException in xslt.Process                      |
|15466|New|Nor|2002-12-17|XNodeSet.getStringFromNode() gives NullPointerExce|
|15467|New|Maj|2002-12-17|Random NullPointerExceptions in DTM traversal     |
|15527|New|Nor|2002-12-19|multiple key definitions (same name) do not work a|
|15530|New|Nor|2002-12-19|problem with unioned elements in Muenchian Groupin|
|15586|New|Enh|2002-12-20|Ideas for updates to the FAQ in the next iteration|
|15589|New|Nor|2002-12-20|Performance improvement ideas wrt loading JAXP Fac|
|15924|New|Nor|2003-01-09|Getting variable value from Java Extension        |
|15931|New|Min|2003-01-09|generated-id() function is not working in  XSLTC-D|
|16096|New|Cri|2003-01-15|apply-templates                                   |
|16467|New|Min|2003-01-27|Unmapped QName in system-property('x:y') causes NP|
|16481|New|Cri|2003-01-28|Incorrect usage of context ClassLoader for static |
|16496|New|Blk|2003-01-28|ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -2048 when using I|
|16549|New|Nor|2003-01-29|xsl:number breaks in presence of xalan:doc-cache-o|
|16583|New|Nor|2003-01-30|<xsl:attribute-set name="attrs"> ... </xsl:attribu|
|16613|New|Maj|2003-01-30|I cannot use dummy transform technique to serializ|
|16734|New|Nor|2003-02-03|Infinite loop when transform a large xml file     |
|17111|Ver|Nor|2003-02-16|issues a warning about '-in z' when '-param x y' a|
|17128|New|Maj|2003-02-17|DTMNodeProxy dosent implement Element interface co|
|17322|New|Maj|2003-02-23|bug with evaluation of a matching clause          |
|17383|New|Maj|2003-02-25|apply-templates not working correctly on CDATA nod|
|17400|New|Nor|2003-02-25|org.apache.xpath.axes.AxesWalker getLastPos: dupli|
|17941|New|Enh|2003-03-13|position() = last() optimization                  |
|17946|New|Min|2003-03-13|XObject methods nodelist and nodeset are capitaliz|
|17979|New|Maj|2003-03-13|Transformations using DOMSource apply templates di|
|18008|New|Cri|2003-03-14|NullPointerException while using key() function   |
|18458|New|Nor|2003-03-28|Using an InputStream with "getAssociatedStylesheet|
|18463|New|Nor|2003-03-28|Incorrect AVT causes NoSuchElementException       |
|18516|New|Maj|2003-03-31|IndentPrinter.breakLine() throws NoSuchMethodError|
|18684|New|Enh|2003-04-04|XPath extension mechanism enhancements            |
|18720|New|Enh|2003-04-04|Current Node and Context Node terminology         |
|18758|New|Min|2003-04-07|Coding error in NodeSetDTM.addNodeInDocOrder()    |
|18764|New|Enh|2003-04-07|XSLTC: performance improvement for stepPattern[las|
|18823|New|Nor|2003-04-08|CachedXPathAPI: excesive XPathContext instantiatio|
|18843|New|Nor|2003-04-09|bad XSL provides no useful error message          |
|18936|New|Nor|2003-04-11|Incremental mode: exceptions never posted to calli|
|19038|New|Nor|2003-04-15|Dynamic params (<xsl:param..> as argument in java |
|19172|New|Nor|2003-04-19|exslt:node-set wierdness                          |
|19173|New|Enh|2003-04-19|Possible XPath sorting extension                  |
|19306|New|Nor|2003-04-25|xsl:copy adds a newline to processing instructions|
|19338|New|Nor|2003-04-25|ROOTNODE problems in XSLTC DTM MultiDOM           |
|19353|New|Nor|2003-04-26|XML namespace missing from element in RTF         |
|19388|Ver|Cri|2003-04-28|Incorrect namespaces in endElement SAX events with|
|19400|New|Nor|2003-04-28|Extension classes are not serializable            |
|19434|New|Nor|2003-04-29|ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception in xsl:copy       |
|19478|New|Enh|2003-04-30|Possibility to assign handler for document('') in |
|19493|Opn|Maj|2003-04-30|XSLTC: apply-templates select="child::NS:*" fails |
|19562|New|Nor|2003-05-02|comments from external DTD are serialized while th|
|19915|Opn|Maj|2003-05-14|getAttributes does not work in ElemExtensionCall s|
|19984|New|Nor|2003-05-16|NodeSet.getLength() makes nextNode point to end   |
|20055|New|Nor|2003-05-20|matching on comments produces xmlns               |
|20381|New|Nor|2003-05-31|XSLTC: top-level xsl:variable with document() brea|
|20439|New|Nor|2003-06-03|About a class cast in XPathEvaluatorImpl.java     |
|20470|New|Blk|2003-06-04|XSLT Error (javax.xml.transform.TransformerConfigu|
|20492|New|Nor|2003-06-05|Problems with XPath expression //* (incorrect resu|
|20503|New|Enh|2003-06-05|Xalan can not pass NodeSet parameter with xsltc   |
|20613|New|Enh|2003-06-09|different directory name for Jar files            |
|20710|New|Cri|2003-06-12|Performance Problems-NEED HELP!                   |
|20795|Opn|Min|2003-06-16|Missing SAXTransformerFactory feature in XSLTC    |
|20806|New|Min|2003-06-16|Stylesheet with xsl:include does not compile      |
|20843|New|Blk|2003-06-17|When trying to select 3824 rows from a DB i get an|
|20882|New|Enh|2003-06-18|Null Pointer in DOM2DTM.addNode                   |
|20897|New|Nor|2003-06-19|xsl:attribute and element extensions              |
|20908|New|Nor|2003-06-19|NullPointerException when sorting using a child of|
|21407|New|Nor|2003-07-08|Missing set parent expression in FuncExtFunction.j|
|21540|New|Enh|2003-07-13|[PATCH] XPath messages now sent to XPATHMessages c|
|21587|New|Enh|2003-07-14|Do/should we support precompiled XPaths?          |
|21596|New|Enh|2003-07-15|[PATCH] Simplifications to Language Resource Files|
|21842|New|Min|2003-07-24|Stack Overflow on circular assignment             |
|22043|New|Enh|2003-08-01|setParameter method of Transformer class doesn't w|
|22063|New|Nor|2003-08-01|Wrong encoding with redirect:write in xsltc       |
|22115|Ver|Blk|2003-08-04|Cascade variables admit only 2 levels in xsltc    |
|22128|New|Nor|2003-08-05|org.apache.xml.dtm.ref.DTMDefaultBase  (Suballocat|
|22217|New|Maj|2003-08-07|NullPointerException in TransformerImpl.run() when|
|22282|New|Cri|2003-08-10|DocBook 4.2+MathML 2.0 (xhtml/chunked) gives java.|
|22311|New|Nor|2003-08-11|XPath expresssion does not work against cloned nod|
|22438|Ver|Maj|2003-08-14|TemplatesImpl throws java.io.NotSerializableExcept|
|22559|New|Maj|2003-08-19|Behaviour of DOMSource(Node) does not match descri|
|22562|New|Nor|2003-08-19|Behaviour of DOMSource(Node) with XSLTC does not m|
|22564|New|Nor|2003-08-19|xmlns bug using docbook->xhtml xslt on ulink templ|
|22933|New|Nor|2003-09-04|TransformerFactory ignores attribute: "auto-transl|
|22949|New|Nor|2003-09-05|Error with node sets and [last()] predicate       |
|22993|New|Enh|2003-09-08|Problem with XSLTC redirect function              |
|23048|New|Nor|2003-09-10|[XSLTC] URIResolver interferes with XML source    |
|23151|New|Maj|2003-09-13|additional patch related to bug 22115             |
|23199|New|Nor|2003-09-16|Method PipeDocument.pipeDocument never throws exce|
|23412|New|Nor|2003-09-25|Can't get namespaces when attribute node is curren|
|23423|New|Enh|2003-09-25|Hard coded error messages cleanup                 |
|23446|New|Nor|2003-09-26|Transformation produces different results with DOM|
|23461|New|Maj|2003-09-28|"Memory leak" in xpath evaluations                |
|23484|New|Nor|2003-09-29|XML with default namespace wrongly processed      |
|23546|New|Enh|2003-10-01|Comparison of DOM trees without files, pleasse    |
|23720|New|Nor|2003-10-10|NPE in XNodeSet.getStringFromNode under heavy load|
|23817|New|Nor|2003-10-14|Redirect produces duplicate document type declarat|
|23846|New|Min|2003-10-15|Minor Exception try block error                   |
|23851|New|Nor|2003-10-16|Xalan-J interpretive problems with [last()] and [l|
|23863|New|Nor|2003-10-16|redirect uses unbuffered FileOutputStream -> bad p|
|23897|New|Nor|2003-10-17|Xalan does not replace attributes with same expand|
|23955|New|Nor|2003-10-20|unique attributes with same qname conflict resolut|
|23957|New|Nor|2003-10-20|Appears an infinte? loop causes stack overflow.   |
|23959|New|Maj|2003-10-20|empty xmlns attributes                            |
|24007|Opn|Nor|2003-10-22|<xsl:attribute name="a:b" namespace=""> gives erro|
|24026|New|Nor|2003-10-23|serializerd HTML attributes output a new-line as c|
|24111|New|Nor|2003-10-24|XSLTC string(-0) results incorrectly; round(-Infin|
|24200|New|Maj|2003-10-29|Loaded wrong TransformerFactoryImpl for Applet wit|
|24245|New|Nor|2003-10-30|Use of ContextClassLoader is not appropriate      |
|24246|New|Maj|2003-10-30|The number() function fails                       |
|24580|New|Nor|2003-11-10|using document('') with XSLTC in Cocoon results in|
|24583|New|Nor|2003-11-10|muenchian grouping + sorting with strange effects |
|24788|Ver|Nor|2003-11-18|Incorrect code generation for predicate           |
|24793|Opn|Cri|2003-11-18|Xalan 2.5.2 XSLTC: <xsl:copy-of> loses both ATTRIB|
|25024|New|Nor|2003-11-26|Missing errors for incorrectly place elements in s|
|25344|New|Cri|2003-12-08|Order of global variable and param affect the outp|
|25461|New|Maj|2003-12-12|DOMException for xsl:attribute with namespace that|
|25506|New|Nor|2003-12-14|null stylesheet parameters bring in garbage using |
|25608|New|Nor|2003-12-18|DOMResult(Node) fails for Element when transform o|
|25710|New|Maj|2003-12-22|Received java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException |
|25783|Opn|Maj|2003-12-28|Wrong evaluation of XPath expressions using key() |
|25993|New|Nor|2004-01-08|XSLTC does not merge xsl:output attributes properl|
|26029|New|Maj|2004-01-09|Instantiation of compiled translet failed         |
|26031|New|Nor|2004-01-09|Java test harness does not detect significant diff|
|26043|New|Nor|2004-01-11|getNamespaceURI not implemented for ElemLiteralRes|
|26122|New|Nor|2004-01-14|MsgMgr.message() should call fatalError if termina|
|26141|New|Maj|2004-01-14|xalan transformation does not transfer control to |
|26218|New|Nor|2004-01-17|With default output method, PI's before first elem|
|26259|New|Nor|2004-01-19|Problem with reference to namespace prefix in AVT |
|26280|Ver|Nor|2004-01-20|FunctionTable.installFunction(String s, Expression|
|26595|New|Maj|2004-02-02|SQL Extension - ResultSet is not returning iterati|
|26698|New|Nor|2004-02-05|Attribute value template throws RuntimeException  |
|26741|New|Nor|2004-02-06|getSystemId should return null if setSystemId was |
|26743|New|Nor|2004-02-06|XML element inside of <xsl:text> element - differe|
|26801|New|Nor|2004-02-09|No error reported for xsl:apply-imports when curre|
|26823|New|Maj|2004-02-10|XPath ignores namespace declarations except on roo|
|26825|New|Nor|2004-02-10|DTM result set contains only one string with well-|
|26869|New|Nor|2004-02-11|xsl:sort value of lang is not attribute value temp|
|27009|New|Nor|2004-02-17|Empty string as an attribute value.               |
|27040|New|Blk|2004-02-18|generate-id() doesn't work correctly while documen|
|27068|New|Enh|2004-02-19|XALAN fails using the document() function to open |
|27123|New|Maj|2004-02-20|Can't access attributes by name from a nodeset()  |
|27200|New|Nor|2004-02-24|Call template problems                            |
|27205|Ver|Nor|2004-02-24|Docs updates for Xalan Java 2.6.0 release         |
|27238|New|Nor|2004-02-26|Attributes with default values do not show up in X|
|27278|New|Blk|2004-02-27|class file generated by xsltc is too large to run:|
|27334|New|Enh|2004-03-01|XPathParser and Lexer should work on OpMap instead|
|27353|New|Nor|2004-03-02|Indenting doesn't work well                       |
|27417|New|Nor|2004-03-03|XSLTC Transformer does not close the output stream|
|27429|New|Nor|2004-03-04|last() breaks nodeset position                    |
|27468|New|Cri|2004-03-05|CachedXPathAPI not thread-save                    |
|27476|New|Nor|2004-03-05|xsl:apply-imports does not work if the pattern is |
|27502|New|Nor|2004-03-07|bug in org.apache.xalan.xsltc.runtime.output.Trans|
| Total  554 bugs                                                           |

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