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From John Gentilin <gent...@eyecatching.com>
Subject Re: SQL XConnection
Date Mon, 14 Jul 2003 21:39:20 GMT

 From what I can tell your problem is that your are selecting on 
row-set/row. There is a bug
in Xalan and the bug has been registered for a while now. I think it may 
be incorrectly described
as being an SQL bug, but it is really a function of the SortedWalker. 
Here is a pointer to a message
thread that started the whole discussion 
There are two ways around this, disable streaming... or select on 
row-set only and provide a template
for the row match.

Is there a reason why you are using $Qy//row-set instead of $Qy/row-set  ???

John G

Phil Friedman wrote:

>I've removed the dependencies on other files. I've attached a new
>version WMAllOut201.xsl that yields correct results with Xalan 2.0.1 and
>another WMAllOut251.xsl which is my attempt to get it working under
>2.5.1. I have only been able to get it to work by 1) copying the results
>before accessing them with xsl:for-each. 2) closing and reopening the
>connection between each query.
>Both style sheets work, but 2.0.1 is immensely faster and I've got other
>situations where these changes would be unworkable.
>Regards,  Philip Friedman -- Terralink Software Systems -- 207-772-6500 x101
>On Fri, 11 Jul 2003 00:34:56 -0700, John Gentilin <gentijo@eyecatching.com> may
have written:
>|Is that the entire XSL file, seems to be missing some of the templates.
>| From what I can see, the XConnection#new is being called inside a
>|template that may be losing scope, you may need to declare the template
>|in a higher level template. Also the new() operator that takes parameters
>|is being depreciated, the newer style is a new() then the connect() method.
>|        <xsl:variable name="Xcon1" select="sql:new()"/>
>|        <xsl:variable name="dbConResult" 
>|Also do you have any other XSL files that may be a little more straight 
>|Each call to query creates a new JDBC Connection and that connection is 
>|throughout the life of the SQLDocument, the object returned from 
>|The current code is CVS may be a bit unstable since I just checked in 
>|some major
>|changes to support in-line variables.
>|Phil Friedman wrote:
>|>Once again I'm trying to upgrade from Xalan 2.0.1, this time to 2.5.1.
>|>We use the SQL XConnection extensively to access Fox Pro, Sybase and MS
>|>SQL Server databases. All of our original .xsl works fine with 2.0.1,
>|>but not with 2.5.1. 
>|>Basically, we have only been able to get correct results with a new
>|>connection for each query, and must copy the results before using them.
>|>Both of these seem to be performance and resource hits.
>|>In the attached file, see comments starting with '<!--!' for some of the
>|>problems and work-arounds we have found. This .xsl connects to Fox Pro,
>|>but we have similar problems with the real databases as well.
>|>Regards,  Philip Friedman -- Terralink Software Systems -- 207-772-6500 x101

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