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From Shane Curcuru <shane_curc...@yahoo.com>
Subject [VOTE] conf test restructuring
Date Mon, 02 Dec 2002 15:50:22 GMT
First, thanks to Gordon and everyone else who's taking an interest in
our testing work!  One of Xalan's strengths has been our strict
compliance to XSLT and other specs, helped by our public testing suite.

My votes now that I've recovered from my turkey holiday:

-1 to using tags in CVS.  This is too cumbersome for future revisions
(remember, even when testing versus specs, they have errata...) and too
difficult to explain to new developers.  Plus, Apache may be switching
to an alternate version control in the future.

+1 on having an accept/ tree of standard input xml/xsl tests for all

+1 to storing just the gold files that need to be different separately;
BUT, I'd propose an alternate to the directory trees:

-- Have accept-gold/ as a single tree, but use a file-naming convention
to separate out different processor's output.  This would make
defaulting to a base gold that all processors can use easier anyways. 


Here, all processors have different outputs for outputDiff, but xalanjI
and xalanjC have the same effective output for outputSomeSame - however
xalanc does have a difference here.  
A filenaming scheme like this makes it easier to see the
similarities/differences; simpler on a large scale to maintain since
the same kind of output files are right next to each other; and would
be fairly easy to implement a defaulting scheme in the output file name
construction (if this processor-specific name isn't available, go for a
name that's generic).

(Side note: I'm +1 for accept-gold and -0 for accept-silver; once
again, it's too many terms for us to explain to new developers.  The
*essential* difference is already captured between the conf/ and
accept/ trees themselves.)

- Shane

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