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From scott_b...@us.ibm.com
Subject Re: Xalan,Xsltc jar files- packaging proposal
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2002 23:12:34 GMT

In general, +1.  It might be good to have two different packaging options,
for systems that may want to used BCEL, etc., for other purposes.


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                    Development"         Subject:     Xalan,Xsltc jar files- packaging proposal
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                    to xalan-dev                                                         

This proposal has to do with the XSLTC portion of Xalan
and its associated jar files. Comments/feedback is welcome.

The XSLT Compiler (xsltc) component of Xalan consists of 1 main
jar file (xsltc.jar) which contains the implementation of xsltc.
The compiler also relies on several external jar files that
are currently located in xml-xalan/java/bin. They are:


     BCEL.jar         | bytecode engineering library, available from

     java_cup.jar,    | CUP Parser generator for Java, Princeton  U
     and runtime.jar  | Andrew W. Appel

     JLex.jar         | Lexical Analyzer Generator for Java, Princeton
                   | Andrew W. Appel

The proposal is to pull all of these external jar files into the
xsltc.jar file itself.  So the single jar file (xsltc.jar) would contain
the implementation (as it does today) PLUS all the support libraries
that are outlined in the table above.  We see this as making it easier
for a user to have a single jar file to put in their CLASSPATH. What do
you think?  Feedback welcome !


Todd Miller
G. Todd Miller                        Sun Microsystems Computer Company
Software Systems Engineer             2 Network Drive, MS UBUR02-201
GE&IS XML Tech Center                 Burlington, MA 01803-0903
                                781 442-0176
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