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From Tom Amiro <Tom.Am...@Sun.COM>
Subject building recently updated XSTLC documentation
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2002 16:26:26 GMT
[This is for Morten Jorgensen. I tried to send mail to morten@apache.org and
it bounced. What email address works for you now?]

Hi Morten,

Hope all is well with you. Thanks for the additional work you did
on the documentation. I wanted to check it out, but ran into some
problems building it.

There were some minor problems with <i>, <b>, and <u> tags
which are not allowed by the Apache  StyleBook DTDs. I fixed things
by changing these tags to <em> (which is bold) or <ref> (which is
italics). Don't see a tag for <u>.

There was a problem with the graphic xmllogo.gif. It couldn't
be found because it lives in the ../design directory. So I changed
the path and it was found. However on looking at the built
pages, it was apparent that this graphic was uneeded because it
is in the standard frame. So I deleted it.

Another problem was the new element you introduced -- <small-table>.
I tried to get it to work by adding it to the blocks.ent DTD, but
it proved move difficult than it was worth. To get it right, we'd have
to declare all the attributes you used in the <small-table> element and
its children (such as td). Not that it couldn't be done, but that would
require changing the site wide DTDs which are rolled up into
xml-site-style.tar.gz. I tried to make the changes in my workspace and
kept remaking the gz file, but everytime I got past one thing another
change was required. The site-wide DTD does define any attributes
like "align" and "width" for table cell elments. Here's what Don Leslie
said we'd have to do to get such changes in:

  Like the other files in xml-site-style.tar.gz, block.ent is from the
  xml-site repository. If we update, in theory we should make sure that it
  doesn't break anything for anyeone else, and check it in to
  xml-site/style/dtd, then rebuild xml-site-style.tar.gz, and check the
  updated version (of the tar.gz) into our xml-xalan/java/xdocs.
  In other words, 2 commits are involved:


  Please try a doc build (or get me to do so) when you make the change, so we
  are sure everything is still working.

So I pulled back and removed your <small-table> stuff.

I was finally able to build the docs and they as good or betther than any of the docs
on the site.

Let me know if it is OK with you and I'll commit the I made to get XSLTC docs
to build -- unless you want to carry on the struggle to get your new <small-table>
element into the site-wide style tarball.


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