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From brian_schip...@filemaker.com (Brian Schipper)
Subject Re: Xalan using Code Warrior
Date Fri, 11 Jan 2002 17:58:40 GMT

We've also got Mac builds of Xalan 1.2 compiling under
CodeWarrior.  The main problem I ran into was the one mentioned at:


I've reported this to MetroWerks.  Working around this required
about 125 patches to the code to use the global equals.

Here's what I currently have available:

   A slightly modified shortenFiles.pl script for the Xalan 1.2 sources.
   A set of patches to the MacSrc source directory ( with the shortened 
filenames )
      Most of the diffs are to work around the problem mentioned above.
   A set of codewarrior 7 projects for building the xalan libraries.

Would this be useful for submission?

>On 03/01/02 16:44, "Manuel Barros" <manuel@enjazz.com> wrote:
>First I've looked at the MSDev project to see which file I needed to
>Second, I've renamed a bunch of files that were having too long name.
>Third, I've created the MacDefinition file that defined compiler options.
>Then, I built it and if I remember right, it worked right.  I build Xalan
>In Release mode, I had problem with the compiler so I had to turn off some
>> Hi,
>> I hope this answers your question:
>> The answer is simple, but probably unsatisfactory.  Get the latest Xalan
>> distribution, and the latest CodeWarrior compiler, i.e. Version 7.
>> Compile the distribution.  When you get a set of warnings and compiler
>> errors then fix them by either changing the offending lines of code,
>> changing compiler options, or changing includes.  Repeat this process
>> until all the errors are gone.  Most of the errors are merely compiler
>> and standard template library incompatibilities.  The header files in
>> the distribution control some of these incompatibilities.  The other
>> problems are OS related incompatibilities, such as sockets, file
>> management, etc.  Unfortunately, there is no clear solution to these
>> problems, you have to roll your own interface classes for the Mac.
>> Using this technique, will not only get the project to compile
>> eventually, but you will get a chance to learn about the source, which
>> you must understand in order to get any use out of Xalan.
>> You may want to search the net a third party  standard template
>> library.  There is at least one.  I can't quite remember the name.
>> Hope this answers your question.  I once got most of the compiler
>> errors, but then gave up when I realized how huge the code was, making
>> it difficult to keep up with newer distribution releases.  This almost a
>> year ago.
>> On Thursday, January 3, 2002, at 04:14 PM, Carlos wrote:
>>> How did you do it? It¹s more useful to explain the process than to say
>>> I did it
>>> Thanks
>>> Carlos
>>> On 01/03/02 13:02, "Patrick E Laplante" <sandman@rochester.rr.com>
>>> wrote:
>>> I got xalan working on MacOS9 using code warrior.
>>> So you know...
>>> Pat
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