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From "Brian Quinlan" <br...@sweetapp.com>
Subject A touch of API sloppyness in Xalan C 1.3
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2002 22:16:28 GMT
In Xalan C 1.3, there is a new pure virtual function in the "Function"

virtual const XalanDOMString
getError() const = 0;

I don't think that extensions should be required to implement this
function, since it may not be relevant to them if they reimplement:

	XPathExecutionContext&			executionContext,
	XalanNode*					context,
	const XObjectArgVectorType&		args,
	const Locator*				locator) const;

I think that the above function should be the only "execute" function
part of "Function", which should only have pure virtual functions. An
implementation helper could be placed in a subclass.

IMHO, of course :-)

(who had to write a useless getError)

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